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COP Event Calendar

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Calendar for COP Events & Games


Will be updating w/ events and making it prettier (blurry af and uglie rn)



Ongoing Events:

> Slasher! Season 1 - Werewolves - @SANDCASTLES

> COP VMA's - Hosted by @Nicki Minaj

> 2 Truths 1 Lie - @Dirkje 

> The House Boss - @Jenna 


Past Events:

> COP Hunger Games: Season 1

> COP Hunger Games: Season 2

> COP Survivor: Season 1 (Simulator)

> COP Big Brother: Season 1 (Simulator)

> COP Big Brother: Season 1 


Future Events:

> COP Survivor Simulator (Season 2) - @One Of A Kind - TBD

> COP Hunger Games Simulator (All Stars?) - @Oh My Gaga - TBD

> COP Awards - @Dirkje - TBD

> Total Drama Island (Simulator) - August 11th



Create A Label


Event Staff:

@SANDCASTLES - Event Teams Leader & Slasher

@Rumors & @Moonlight - Events Team Member & Big Brother

@Oh My Gaga - Events Team Member & Hunger Games

@Adam - Events Team Member & Megarates

@Nicki Minaj - Events Team Member & Create A Label

@One Of A Kind - Events Team Member & Survivor Simulator


If you wish to start a game or have an idea for one, please PM me first! If you don't your thread will be locked and sent to wasteland


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5 minutes ago, One Of A Kind said:

Because someone already got it wrong: I'm just hosting the simulator game Survivor, you don't need to PM me for your album Survivor rates :rose1:

Pls make a second season 

I want to be in it :wendy13:

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