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Katy Perry | Pendulum | TBA

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The fourth single from Katy Perry's album, Witness has been confirmed as Pendulum.



During an interview for a radio, the singer eventually let loose that " Pendulum " will be her next job.


In fact, everything was implied when the announcer announced the track during the program: "Now let's hear your new single [Pendulum]."


The fans apparently did not like the choice, after all, the song is pretty gospel and very much claim that it does not have good sales potential.


What do you think? Is it a good move, or the worst of the era?



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I just feel like this era is messy as FUCK. Lead did well I guess, BA flopped, SS was supposed to be promoted and get MV and what not, then she sent SaD to radio and fans got hypedT but nothing else happened. And now this? I just have a feeling SS isn't done yet. What's the point of releasing a single when you are about to give last single a MV :um2: idk, this tew mush for my nonexistent brain :nopeicant: 

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