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One Direction are so sexualized and aesthetic base

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So every time I watch or attempt to watch an interview with the One Direction boys..they get the dumbest and trivial questions.80 percent of the questions are about girls, working out, girls, what do you do on a night out, and the other twenty percent is their music

TBH One Direction's claim to fame was them being sex symbols for young girls.They couldn't dance and their music was insanely mediocre!I'd see sells of there shit and I'd be like "who's buying this shit".Its honestly because of there looks and there more of a brand than a band

I feel Zayn left 1D to gain some type of artistic intrugrity because lets be honest...those boys were nothing but good looks and hairspray.

Then there legion of fans are always getting upset with interviewers for sexualizing them yet there twitter is full of sexual innduendo, fanfics,ships, a nd imagine

I remember at one point they were so upset cause there favs never got nominated for a Grammy

.......THEY DON'T DESERVE ONE!What has your fav done besides sit still and be pretty!

Now that there solo things are a little less.I prefer Louis and Niall because I see that they strive as artist and have written the best 1D songs.

But Liam ain't doing shit that J.T. and J.B. didn't do?What is this boy bringing to the table beside dick and shirtless pics

Harry is probably the one I hate most but not personally but because he's literally boring as fuck,basic as hell,and his sound is outdated but because homeboy looks like he popped out of 1975(no tea no shade) ya'll buy his shit!Is that all it takes nowadays ?to just be aestheticlly pleasing?Our Generation is so fucking vain

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3 minutes ago, Leona Lewis said:

Time to stan the OG X Factor queen

תמונה קשורה

Underratted as fuck

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11 hours ago, Bleh said:

I'm guessing you've never seen kpop groups? 

One of my friends stans them and she posted that she hoped that they were all circumcised or she was going to unstan :febreeze:

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I've been a fan of One Direction since right before they came to America. I do admit, they were sexualized, but they did have good music. And the imagines and fanfics you're talking about? All that happened in 2012-2013.

I like them as a group, but I like them better as solo artists, since you can see their creativity. They all had to be this certain image while in the band. 

Harry is honestly my favorite and has been since the beginning. I really enjoy his album. Niall's music is good, but it's not really not my type. Liam's first song is a bop, but sorta disappointing since it sounds like everything else out there. That song that Louis is doing with Pia Mia sounds really big and looking forward to it. Zayn :wendy14:

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