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This Weave Snatching song

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Walk a mile in these foot high heels
I run in these, you ain't running shit
You chew beef, I wear meat
And stay on top of...
I'm getting fat and so is my bank
I'm on a sold-out world tour, bitch  


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32 minutes ago, Oh My Gaga said:

Fuck your face

trick bitch

Fuck your life

trick bitch

I'm caked up and I'll fuck your wife

fuck your life you trick ass bitch



I roll all the good shit,
You rollin' on that Reggie Bitch
I roll like Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga in this bitch
I roll all fuckin' day
Donatella on your hoes
Donatella got them clothes
Donatella that's fo' sho'
Chopper in the chopper on the way to a sold-out show
Lady Gaga bitch ass trick
I put that on my Papa Joe
I'll mop you all across the floor
Snatch your fucking weave out bitch
In front of paparazzi, singing paparazzi in this bitch


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