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Nico was the prototype of goth in the late 60's.She was discovered by Bob Dylan who then passed her to Andy Warhol.She was aspiring actress and model who went very far based on her striking eyes and signature bone straight bangs.Andy paired Nico with the most controversial band of the 60's, The Velvet Underground, who basically were the founders of indie, surf rock,noise, drone, and any other odd ball genre your fav underground artist created. Frontman Lou Reed was hesitant to let in a new member but Andy insisted that she be apart of the band to drive them to fame.

Much of her beginning career Nico was disregarded as nothing but a tool to promote Velvet.Her first record was even composed by  The Velvet Underground as a bittersweet thank you for their successes.Nico was desperate for change and upon meeting Jim Morrison, it all began.Her tutanic voice amazed Jim Morrison and soon he'd teach her poetry and how to compose her own songs(and how to do LSD)

Nico released her second record; also ,The Marble Index which inspired Sixousie and the Banshees and even Bjork, featuring early makings of what would be known as Ambient music.Custom made songs on her haunting harpsichord and harmonium that fit her soulless droning vocals.Nico underwent an image change also,dying her hair dark black and setting a trend that would be replicated and perfected by Sixousie Sioxie. 

Nico has been given the title "Ice Queen" and "The First Bad girl of rock n roll" for the risk she took and the stone cold glare that she cast upon everyone.It is said Nico never loved anyone...not even herself. Post Marble Index, Nico continued the release a collection of Avant Garde work while maintaining her drug addiction to heroin.Nico stated a many of time "An artist is supposed to be self-destructive", a motto that followed her to her unexpected death in the late 80's where she fell off her bicycle.Nico's legacy lives on and is remembered as an artist who wasn't afraid to touch hell and sing about the trip there and back, the limitless original, Nothing like The Marble Index has been replicated.Critics call it "the scariest record of all time"

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