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Singers Going Normal

Is Going Normal a Bad Thing for Artists?  

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  1. 1. Is Going Normal a Bad Thing for Artists?

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Do you think singers becoming "normal" is ruining their careers? We've seen Gaga transition from being THAT icon into the jazz-loving, country-vibed Joanne who didn't serve us as usual. Katy Perry admitted she enjoys her persona, but wishes she could be Katy Hudson instead. Miley was a smash with her Bangerz era and was the planet's sweetheart after Hannah Montana but who knows if she'll still serve now that she's "in peace". Kesha's single Praying had me thinking "Oh no, she went 'normal' too!" so I'm crossing my fingers she won't flop. Basically every time a singer goes "neutral" they give us more emotionally-felt music that unfortunately doesn't sell well IMO.

But you guys get what I'm trying to say; do you think pop stars becoming normal and dropping their alter-ego images ending their careers credibility?

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The thing is, if their persona is a big selling point in their music, then when they drop it the GP isn't that interested in their music anymore. Take lana del rey. The majority of her sales come from her large and devoted international fanbase, so they don't mind when she changes her persona or drops it for a while. Miley cyrus had a big commercial breakthrough with bangerz because the gp were interested in the way she presented herself. When she dropped that, less of the gp were interested in buying her music, accounting for a drop in sales.

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I'd rather have all artist be who they feel they are

everyone goes through phases if Gaga or Kesha or Katy feel they changed from who they were in the past then that's fine 

now about it ending career cred I believe if u were truly a fan of said artist you would accept them and understand that they weren't who they used to be and are in a different place then in the past




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