I watched this movie just yesterday and i honestly think it is a modern day masterpiece. This movie will be talked about for generations to come just like how Sound of Music, Pulp Fiction, American Beauty just to name a few are still being talked about to this day. Set in the 60's, this movie tells a beauty and the beast like story about a mute woman who works as one of the 'Help' at what seems like a marine biological government building. She discovers whilst working in the building one of the 'assets' they have which is a large fish/human like monster who she can communicate with and eventually falls in love with it. I was skeptical at first about a monster movie and if it would be cringe fest but this was nothing close to that. Honestly, probably the best movie i've ever seen. Throughout the whole movie i forgot i was even in a cinema as i felt i was completely transported into this amazing world and story. I felt so involved and fixated by the brilliant performances and characters that have been created in this movie. The score is incredible... simply incredible. I was rooting for Three Billboard for best picture but i'll be damned The Shape of Water is on another level than every single other best picture nominee. Please if you can, see it on the big screen. (Did i also mention how Octavia Spencer is a living god) 5/5
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