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Your Fav's Best Lyricism?

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  • In a family portrait we look pretty happy, we look pretty normal let's go back, let's act like it comes naturally (Family Portrait)
  • So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways (Raise Your Glass)
  • You're just like a pill, 'stead of making me better, you keep making me ill (Just Like A Pill)
  • if you ever feel you're nothing, you're fuckin' perfect to me (Fuckin' Perfect)
  • Everybody's got insanities, I got a split-personality (Split Personality)

  •  You talk real loud, but you ain't saying nothing cool. I can fit your whole house in my swimming pool ( @CUZiCAN :beyslay: )

  • have you ever wished for an endless night. lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight (Glitter In The Air)


Lady Gaga:

  • I'll hate myself until I die. My heart will break without you, might not awake without you, been hurting low from living high for so long. I'm sorry and I love you, sing with me "Bell Bottom Blues", I keep on searching for an answer, but I need you more than Dope (Dope)
  • I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause god makes no mistake, I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way (Born This Way)
  • Where are you, 'cause I can't see but I feel you're watching me, dilated falling free in a modern ecstasy (Perfect Illusion)

Katy Perry:

  • So I take a deep breath and I save as draft (Save As Draft)
  • I miss you more than I loved you (Miss You More)
  • Baby you're a firework, come on show 'em what you're worth (Firework)
  • I went from zero to my own hero (Roar)
  • Like and apple hanging from a tree, I picked the ripest one, I still got the seed (Thinking Of You)
  • After a hurricane comes a rainbow (Firework)

and many more :kimcry:

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Little Mix:

"Guess I should say thank you for the hate you's and the tattoos" (Shout Out To My Ex)

"I'll let you come take the wheel long as you don't forget who got the power" (Power)

Taylor Swift:

"I got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name"

Demi Lovato:

"And it'd be nice of me to take it easy on ya, but nahhh"

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MJ to the teens, I am Billie Jean but these bitches my SONS :trisha:

I'm doing it for fun, I am the first number, tell em bitches I WON/ONE :trisha:

This hoe getting slick so I put on gym shoes and extended my run :trisha:

MJ, game six, (you my) JackSON, TySON :trisha:

There are plenty of examples but that's the first one that came to mind :beyslay:

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  • You don't have to like me anymore I've got money now + I tried so hard to be funny and nice I tried so hard to be sugar and spice didn't work for me got old quickly (I Got Money Now)
  • Baby Oh the secret's safe with me There's nowhere else in the world that I could ever be And baby don't it feel like I'm all alone Who's gonna be there after the last angel has flown And I've lost my way back home I think nobody knows no I said nobody knows Nobody cares (Nobody Knows)
  • Now I'm numb as hell and I can't feel a thing But don't worry about regret or guilt cause I never knew your name I just want to thank you Thank you From the bottom of my heart For all the sleepless nights And for tearing me apart yeah yeah (Long Way To Happy)
  • If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out Cause they're all wrong (Who Knew)
  • Why are you constantly believin' That I could give you what you need and Baby, baby please don't put your faith in me I don't know what to say 'cause it's all in a dream to me anyway (Catch Me While I'm Sleeping)
  • I don’t wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence/The quiet scares me ‘cause it screams the truth/Please don’t tell me that we had that conversation/Cause I won’t remember, save your breath, ‘cause what’s the use? (Sober)
  • Were not broken just bent and we can learn to love again (Just Give Me A Reason)
  • I'm learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes (Crystal Ball)
  • Don't Let me get me I'm my own Worst enemy (Don't Let Me Get Me)
  • Just because it burns doesn't mean were gonna die you gotta get up and try (Try)
  • Keep your drink just give me the money. It's just you and your hand tonight (U+Ur Hand)
  • I Can remember the very first time I cried, how I wiped my eyes and buried the pain inside (Lonely Girl)
  • Like a battered child, i got used to your pain (Numb)
  • I hold my breathe because you were perfect, but I'm running out of air, and it's not fair (It's All Your Fault)
  • Can you beam me up give me a minute I don't know what I'd say in it probably just stare happy just to be there holding your face (Beam Me Up)
  • Terrified of the dark, but not if you go with me And I won't need a pill to make me numb And I wrote the book on runnin', But that chapter of my life will soon be done
    I'm the king of the great escape You're not gonna watch me checking out of this place You're not gonna lose me 'Cause the passion and pain Are gonna keep us alive someday (The Great Escape) 
  • No I don't feel like calming down, no I don't I don't feel like hiding out, so I won't I can't turn the volume down, so I sit here in this Chaos and piss, watching the storm passing Storms are beautiful, this life is beautiful It is (Chaos & Piss)
  • Screw fear, it's contagious Infecting everything It makes me do such stupid, stupid stuff (Timebomb)
  • The King is dead but the Queen is alive,  I wear your crown and I look quite nice,  I almost let you get the best of me  But no one's ever gonna get the Queen! (The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive)
  • Tell me, is this thing on? How do we keep this new How do I keep you into me, into me  Without faking it too What do we have to try When everything is to lose Cause it always is just me and you But it's the hardest thing, the hardest thing to do (Is This Thing On?)
  • And then I'll break it up, make it bleed Tell you that it's you not me Make a scene, at a show just because the wind blows Shoot myself in the foot to make a point I can't prove To get it back to you That's just my signature move (Signature Move)

I probably have more but this is what came to mind


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12 hours ago, One Of A Kind said:

This is how we do, yeah

chillin laid back

straight stunting, yeah we do it like that

this is how we do

do do do do

this is how we do



Omg dont forget when shes like : yo where Aretha at : Respect! ????:sponge1::kimcry: yours was around when Katy was gaining her views on it ? -Taylor premiered shake it off that one year lol?????

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One Mississippi you're here, loving me with your whole heart

Two Mississippi we scream, to watch each other fall apart 

Three Mississippi you're gone, saying that you're done you don't want it no more

four Mississippi you're home 

like nothing ever happened at all


-One Mississippi/Zara Larsson

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Bad Romance:

I want your psycho
Your vertigo shtick
Want you in my rear window
Baby you're sick
I want your love
I want your love

Just Dance:

Half psychotic, sick hypnotic got my blueprint it's symphonic.
Half psychotic, sick hypnotic got my blueprint electronic.
Half psychotic, sick hypnotic got my blueprint it's symphonic.
Half psychotic, sick hypnotic got my blueprint electronic.

Brooklyn Nights:

I found an old pair of
Keys in my purse that opened
The walkup we shared
How did they get there, jerk?
I wanna see you there
I wanna make it work.

I didn't brush my hair
And my lashes are falling
Off of seven years
Of our bad luck dating.
I want one last night there,
A Brooklyn Night affair.

The Queen:

Starry night come inside me like never before
Don't forget me when I come crying to heaven's door
I will fly on a challenger across the sky
Like a phoenix so you can remind them of the dream I bore


A hybrid can withstand these things
My heart can beat with bricks and strings
My ARTPOP could mean anything

Marry the night:

Nothing's too cool
To take me from you
New York is not just a tan that you'll never lose
Love is the new denim or black
Skeleton guns are wedding bells in the attic
Get Ginger ready climb to El Camino front
Won't poke holes in the seats with my heels cause that's
Where we make love
Dance in the Dark:

Tell 'em how you feel girls!

Work your blonde Jean Benét Ramsey
We'll haunt like Liberace
Find your freedom in the music
Find your Jesus
Find your Kubrick
You will never fall apart
Diana, you're still in our hearts
Never let you fall apart
Together we'll dance in the dark

Baby loves to dance in the dark
'Cause when he's lookin' she falls apart
Baby loves to dance in the dark

Born This Way:

I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don't hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way
 Mary Jane Holland:

I know that Mom and Dad think I'm a mess
But it's alright, because
I am rich as piss
When I ignite the flame and put you in my mouth
The grass eats up my insides and my brunette starts to sprout
Do What U Want:

You can't have my heart
And you won't use my mind but
Do what you want with my body
Do what you want with my body
You can't stop my voice cause
You don't own my life but
Do what you want with my body
Do what you want with my body

'Cause I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm
A gypsy, gypsy, gypsy, I'm
I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm
A gypsy, gypsy, gypsy, I'm

Russia, UK, Paris, I'm
Italian, Asian, Kompai
Africa, India, I'm
A gypsy, a gypsy, a gypsy. I'm
Latin American, I don't speak German but I try
Someday in Jakarta, I'm
American, I'm gypsy I
Bangkok, Australia, Malaysia
Sweden, Finland, Norway
Be my home just for the day
I'm a gypsy, gypsy, gypsy hey
I don't wanna think anymore
I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor
Stop callin'
Stop callin'
I don't wanna talk anymore
I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor

I'm not a wandering slave, I am a woman of choice
My veil is protection for the gorgeousness of my face
You ought to pity me cause there's always one man to love
But in the bedroom the size of him's more than enough

Do you wanna see me naked, lover?
Do you wanna peek underneath the cover?
Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura, behind the aura?
Do you wanna touch me, cosmic lover?
Do you wanna peek underneath the cover?
Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura
Behind the aura, behind the aura, behind the aura?

Enigma popstar is fun, she wear burqa for fashion
It's not a statement as much as just a move of passion
I may not walk on your street or shoot a gun on your soil
I hear you screaming, is it because of pleasure or toil?
Perfect Illusion:
Where are you?
'Cause I can't see 
But I feel you watchin' me


My heart would break without you
Might not awake without you
Been hurting low from living high for so long
I'm sorry, and I love you
Sing with me, "Bell Bottom Blue"
I'll keep on searching for an answer 'cause I need you more than dope

CAKE (Like Lady Gaga):

I roll all the good shit,
You rollin' on that Reggie Bitch
I roll like Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga in this bitch
I roll all fuckin' day
Donatella on your hoes
Donatella got them clothes
Donatella that's fo' sho'
Chopper in the chopper on the way to a sold-out show
Lady Gaga bitch ass trick
I put that on my Papa Joe
I'll mop you all across the floor
Snatch your fucking weave out bitch
In front of paparazzi, singing paparazzi in this bitch

Fuck the world like Lady Gaga
Run the world like Lady Gaga
Phantom pearl like Lady Gaga
Burqa swag like Lady Gaga
Twitter on 30 million, under 30 hundred million
30 million fans straight, fannin' like my children chilin'
Ask my man, Hedi at Yves about EMI, 
Ask anybody
I'm rich, homie I got plenty
Shut shit down like Lady Gaga
Iced-out crown and Miuccia Prada
I son, you son, ask your father
Skull tattoo I hate your daughter

Walk a mile in these foot high heels
I run in these, you ain't running shit
You chew beef, I wear meat
And stay on top of...
I'm getting fat and so is my bank
I'm on a sold-out world tour, bitch




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  • Is This Happiness
  • We both know that it's not fashionable to love me But you don't go cause truly there's nobody for you but me Honeymoon
  • Ride monologue 
  •  I am fucking crazy. But I am free. Ride :ny2: 
  • E V E R Y T H I N G by Lana Del Slay
  • You said if you could have your way You'd make a night time all today So it'd suit the mood of your soul Black Beauty 

    Old Money 


    • Get up, stand tall Put your back up against the wall 'Cause my love is dangerous White Heat
    • When you call my name it's like a little prayer I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there Like A Prayer
    • Your love's coming down like rain Rain
    • Words, they cut like a knife Cut into my lifeI don't want to hear your words They always attack Please take them all back If they're yours I don't want anymore Words
    • What do I have to do to be respected How do I have to play Why's It So Hard
    • Kiss it better, kiss it better Don't it taste like holy water? Make it wetter, make it wetter Don't it taste like holy water? Holy Water
    • So I walk this razor's edge Will I stand or will I fall? Wash All Over Me
    • I'll light a candle here in the dark Making my way to your heart Messiah 

    Lady Gaga:

    • Then I'll go down to the bar But I won't cry anymore I'll hold my whiskey up high Kiss the bartender twice I'm a loser Marry The Night
    • I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me Papa-Paparazzi Paparazzi
    • And after all the drinks and bars that we've been to Would you give it all up? Could I give it all up for you? Speechless
    • In the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind But in the cultural sense I just speak in future tense Judas, kiss me if offenced, Or wear an ear condom next time Judas
    • I could be your girl girl girl girl girl girl But would you love me if I ruled the world world world? Heavy Metal Lover
    • Confess to me where you have been Next to the bar Pray for your sins Right under the glass disco ball Electric Chapel
    • I promise this Drink is my last one I know I fucked up again 'Cause I lost my only friend God forgive my sins Dope

    Btw these are just lyrics that I like :xtuna: 

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 This line from Treacherous gets me everytime "All we are is skin and bone.Trained to get along"

Also all of All Too Well counts here especially:

Well, maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much,
But maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up.


Hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise.
So casually cruel in the name of being honest.
I'm a crumpled up piece of paper lying here
'Cause I remember it all too well

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"All the double-edged people and schemes.
They make a mess then go home and get clean.
You're my best friend, and we're dancing in a world alone, a world alone, we're all alone". World Alone

"I'm kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air, so there
So all the cups got broke shards beneath our feet but it wasn't my fault
And everyone's competing for a love they won't receive
'Cause what this palace wants is release" Team.

"I light all the candles
Cut flowers for all my rooms
I care for myself the way I used to care about you
These days, we kiss and we keep busy
The waves come after midnight
I call from underwater
Why even try to get right?
When you've outgrown a lover
The whole world knows but you
It's time to let go of this endless summer afternoon". Hard Feelings

"Cause in my head, in my head, I do everything right
When you call I'll forgive and not fight
All the moments I play in the dark
Wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart". Supercut

"Our thing progresses
I call and you come through
Blow all my friendships
To sit in hell with you
But we're the greatest
They'll hang us in the Louvre
Down the back, but who cares - still the Louvre
Okay I know that you are not my type (still I fall)
I'm just the sucker who let you fill her mind (but what about love?)
Nothing wrong with it
Just move in close to me, closer, you'll feel it coasting". The Louvre




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