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Anitta will have a successful international career?

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As some of y'all already know, Anitta is undeniably the most popular girl in Brazil in the moment. Her first massive hit "Show das Poderosas" has taken her career to another level. From a barely known singer to a star in ascension.


Two years after she released the single "Deixa Ele Sofrer" - from her latest album Bang - showing a different Anitta (literally, but this is a case for another thread). It isn't a huge hit but performed well.


The next single was an instant hit, Bang brought to her a superstar status. Suddenly all the brazilians was loving Anitta. Bang was playing everywhere, for everyone - from childrens to elders -, people was parodying and reproducing the memorable choreography. The video broke the record for the most viewed brazilian video in Youtube.


The next step: Latin America. And for it, Anitta surfed in the reggaeton wave and teamed up with one of the most successful latin singers, Maluma. Don't worked, but it was a huge hit here.


"Paradinha" is her first single in spanish and directed for Latin America. It's dominating the Spotify Brasil, leading the streams charts since it debuted. It's a hit on the charts, undoubtedly, but not a hit for the gp as 'Bang' or even 'Sim Ou Não'. 


Anitta is planning carefully her international career, and is working with a plenty of people - like Justin Bieber's producers - to guarantee a successful debut. Her first move was a collaboration with Iggy Azalea called 'Switch'. The pop singer even performed at Jimmy Fallon, becoming the first brazilian singer to perform there. But the collab didn't ended well: Anitta's fans leaked the video, Iggy canceled everything and they attacked the rapper.


Like every brazilian, I used to hate Anitta for many reasons. But this girl is working her ass off to get what her want, so I HAVE to give her some credit. I don't think she will be successful outside South America tbh, bc its very hard... but who knows right. What y'all think? Leave your thoughts and let's discuss.

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52 minutes ago, KarenFromFinance said:

I hope she does! Sua Cara is a bop! She's already collabing with more international people like Iggy and Major Lazer so I'd say she has good chance. Many people are seeing her potential :demifat: 

There's a rumour that a collaboration with Justin Bieber is coming next year. :wendy5:

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A collab with Camila is most likely on the way...they both liked the same tweet today @ing them saying "COLLAB". Anitta's stans have been really freaking annoying about Sua Cara and Know No Better, but other than that I wouldnt mind a collab with Camila and Im rooting for her.:cuca6:

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If she sings in English maybe. Her butt is incredible though, that was what I noticed the most :wendy3:

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