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Do you like to eat Taki's??

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If anyone has a 7/11 in their home area or country. I really love Takito's (there these spicy red swirl things) that are really good. I always did a trick that helped if anyone didnt like hot foods, like don't try it on one end because you feel the hot but sort of munch it in your mouth well enough where you sort of wont feel the hot taste. Hope that make sense (I feel like it didn't) lol??.

So do you like guys like them?? 

I tried a lime version kind to ??


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6 minutes ago, The Boy said:

Takitos :trisha:

and ya I used to like them a lot but not anymore 

Aww really? :kimcry:k thats fine ?:) lol. :trisha:


10 minutes ago, TeenageDream said:

They're delicious though I Love The fuego ones! I've noticed They're sorta spicy at first but once you're halfway through the bag you start getting used to it.

Exactly! :) they are good. I think I heard of those ones lol ?

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I've actually never tried them. I dunno why, just never had the desire to. I like hot stuff, being a South Louisianian and all, but I've never been into spicy chips so much. Unless they are Cajun Crawtaters or Cajun Dill Pickle Zapp's kettle chips ... those are the only spicy chips I like.



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