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One thing that has REALLY pissed me off about Gaga

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Just now, Afcucastan said:

is that she totally blanked on Kesha's music comeback. Sure...she was there for her when Kesha was picking up a lot of press around her trial with Dr. Puke...but then hasnt mentioned anything about Praying or Rainbow...

Some friend...

Kesha mentioned that she & Gaga talk on the phone everyday. Gaga has shown alot of support to her friend & stood by her when she needed it.

I bet Kesha is upset because Gaga didn't tweet about her new song. :wendy17:

Friendships are more than a tweet or an Instagram post.

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I think your joking about it  (its not like she has a contract to say stuff all the time she knows but she doesnt need to )

if your not then 


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6 hours ago, Afcucastan said:


Because Ed Sheeran is winning right now and she likes to attach herself to all the big names. 

lol she is more legendary than Ed :cuca1:

I see it as Gaga is defending Ed because we were talking shit about Ed :cuca2:

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