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Hammer appreciation thread

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1 hour ago, Nicki Minaj said:

We love a Don't Say You Love Me stan


Make sure to stream it for the COP Chart CCuqJ3L.gif

1 hour ago, CUZ!CAN said:

Just moved your latest thread to wasteland, sorry King but I love you :beybawl:



So not only did you say my look was basic but you move my precious threads, its okay as long as love between us exist CCuqJ3L.gif

1 hour ago, Maren Swift said:

This thread:

Related image


1 hour ago, Homojénik said:

You are very sweet and I love that you love to explore new music. (I guess I'd do the same if i stanned filth germony) :evillaugh: 

You never see me shade a bitch, and i always am wide open for new music  CCuqJ3L.gif

57 minutes ago, Bardi Season said:

I like that you are brave enough to stan Pussyc- er Danit- er .... what's their names again? The Filth girls.

I mean Camila annihilated them so it's ...yeah very brave :clap: 

Camila and legends are both legends. buy 7/27 CCuqJ3L.gif

54 minutes ago, CUZ!CAN said:

Oh btw @Moebius did it first :fergieomg:

Moebius is a trendsetter so thats why i had no choice but to copy him, love that whore x

20 minutes ago, LANDlover said:

You’re one of the nicest people on the forum. <3

I love you CCuqJ3L.gif

16 minutes ago, Moebius said:

My cover was better xoxo

True, no wonder why the album went diamond without being released yet CCuqJ3L.gif

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33 minutes ago, CUZ!CAN said:

It does <3

Rigga moris, if you love me you would've rigged my win since the first episode in COPDrag race. Learn your lesson im watching you starting today CCuqJ3L.gif

29 minutes ago, demimaniac said:

ur cute

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for thinking filth harmony are legends

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wfh issa bop tho

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ily CCuqJ3L.gif




Stream Don't Say You Love Me for the COPCharts CCuqJ3L.gif

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Just now, demimaniac said:

i probs won’t but for you i’ll tryCCuqJ3L.gif

Its already sitting at 44, i just need to gather more pupils so it can chart higher.

I done enough promo, the rest is up to the public CCuqJ3L.gif

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