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Harry Styles


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good evening ladies and gentlegays, my name's josh and i heard CoP reopened so i thot i'd rush to come join the forum. I'm 21 and from the UK and I have a LOT of faves (most of which aren't even pop) but for now all y'all need to know is my pop mains; Gaga & Harry Styles. 

my non-pop mains are Yeezy, PND, Tinashe, RuPaul (Pop but still not popular) and a multitude of other alternative R&B artists that y'all will never have heard of most likely.

my fave gaga albums & songs are; BTW & AP with my top 2 fave songs being Scheiße and Mary Jane Holland.

as for harold; Made in The AM & Self Titled with Olivia and Kiwi being my fave songs.

any questions about anything else just ask :)  

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