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Pixelated Kunt

Are dating apps addicting?

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Last time I met someone off dating apps was my ex and that was 2 years ago :rip:

Last year I started using them again (except grindr) and now I only just lurk, it feels boring but I love checking up to see who is my match etc. and it feels addicting 

I always end up deleting these apps because I know I don't have the time for new people but always end up downloading them again :rip:

Do you think they're addicting? Discuss



Idk if this should be in S&R since it's not really about relationships or sex. 

It's just an overall discussion of it as a social media or whatever


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Guest messiah

I dont use dating apps to date, I use them for hookups.

And to me, they have their highs and lows.

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