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If you check her touring schedule, there are two notable gaps:

• Mid-July to 2nd week of August - Good enough for press, shoots, radio promo and perhaps the single.

• One week in August pre-VMAs - She's performed the first single at the VMAs for the last two album cycles, I bet she will be at the VMAs this year too.

The other day, she was getting all dolled up and if you check her make up artist's instagram page, she also posted a picture from the same day and tagged photographer Sølve Sundsbø (@solvesundsbostudio). This photographer is responsible for Pink's Cover Girl ads - regardless if it's the album shoot (I hope! beautiful work!) or a new Cover Girl ad, it's something she launched last time in conjunction with the record.

All speculation at this point, but fingers crossed that it's finally happening! 

about P!nk btw

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