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Swedish WHORE

Nicki Minaj: "All you fags can eat a dick" (throwback)

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Sis just cuz Cardi is being exposed for being a idiot, u don’t have to try to bring Nicki’s past. We all know she said this... 10 years ago? She got educated already. She never said it again, she already spoke about the respect that people should have towards LGBT, alread thanked them, already posted about learning how bad some stuff was that she didn't know... and she’s still here. And she ain’t going nowhere. So instead of trying to bring Nicki down to make the stupidity that Cardi said sound better, go make her “learn” about it, since she said “uh boo hoo, we don’t know stuff, we’re not educaded, ya’ll should educate us”.  :eartha:

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4 minutes ago, Nicki Minaj said:

Encouraging her gay fans to eat all the dicks they want. Truly the gay icon of our generation :fergieomg:


Just now, Certified Skinny said:

i am conflicted now.

i do wanna eat a dick

Not the point though, but slay


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