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Why is she laughing?

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Just now, Ray of Light said:

She laughs at Meghag Trainor. Because she's trying to be relevant again but she fails.


Just now, vendettaswift said:

She just read a tweet from a Barb saying that NM4 is coming soon

Great guesses! But are we sure that's why she's laughing? Keep spilling that T!


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35 minutes ago, KnightofCrescentLovatic said:

She came across a tweet Indie sent her.



17 minutes ago, Khris said:

she decided to hoard xcx3 tracks from thirsty twinks



15 minutes ago, MTrain said:

No one knows



12 minutes ago, Bardi Season said:

She actually looks so damn evil. 

Karma is a bitch. I'm so glad she's over! 


5 minutes ago, sidetoside said:

she probably saw the 'hate threads' on her here on cop 

More great guesses! But will we ever know? Keep trying!


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