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Katy Perry Accused Of Stealing

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The Internet is a risky — at times dangerous — place for artists, with little to no protection over any creative that's uploaded online. Dom Sebastian, a London-based artist, is the latest victim to have his work lifted without any credit or compensation from a force much bigger than his online following (22.6k on Instagram).

Sebastian has accused Katy Perry and her label Capital Records of using his art without permission for her "Chained to the Rhythm" single artwork and merchandise available to purchase for $35. "I'm shocked that Katy Perry and Capital Records think it is acceptable to lift my work directly from my website and use it as they please without paying me or even contacting me," he wrote on Instagram.

The work in question is a 2012 digital piece from Sebastian's Holographic Melt Series, which looks uncannily similar to the background used on Perry's single art. While it's now several years old, the artist says there's been a resurgence of interest from this particular series, so he's not surprised it would have somehow entered the orbit of Perry's creative camp.

( interview is on Paper Mag: http://www.papermag.com/dom-sebastian-katy-perry-2526673086.html )

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I thought this was gonna be about her image on the single cover itself being stolen iirc tht was a thing, personally the background is such a staple in a certain 'tumblr aesthetic' it'd be really hard to call out stolen property unless the lines and waves specifically matched, cause i've seen like 10 phone cases with the same damn concept and look at different boutiques and online shops everywhere. 

Plus would it be her teams fault? I thought whoever is remixing it is given the task of remaking the cover and labeling etc. I wouldn't think it's on her to double check a meaningless remix that prob hasn't gained any monetary value

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On 1/21/2018 at 6:04 AM, Black Beauty said:

Fuck him and it's not even the cover!


1 hour ago, Certified Skinny said:

lock her up


1 hour ago, KarenFromFinance said:

Irrelevant :gretchen14: 


1 hour ago, badgallaura said:

seize her


1 minute ago, One Of A Kind said:

how dare she


Yall SnappedT u9CbGA8.gif

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