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Songs You Secretly Love by Artists You Hate

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In a lot of cases, people like at least one song by artists they can't stand. I do. 


-The A-Team by Ed Sheeran is in my frequently played playlist and it's honestly a damn good song

-It's Like That by Mariah is actually really fun and I have no shame in dancing to it 

-Hurt by Xtina is beautiful and one of the best ballads any pop girl has ever released....hell who am I kidding, I hate Xtina but I stan Back to Basics 

-Firework by Katy Perry makes me feel fierce and powerful and I really do enjoy it (it's a shame I've hated everything after)



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5 minutes ago, KnightofCrescentLovatic said:

There was that thread to say something nice about a singer you hate.

AHH! That's got to be what it is then ... I got so confused lol.

I'm gonna blame it on me being sick


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