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Ariana and Dua Lipa Hanging Out

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1 minute ago, Tattooed Heart said:

I don’t think it’s a collar y’all. Ariana has hung out with Camilla and no collab. My wig will be on mars if they do tho :tellem2:

Its Dua's big dream to work with her though. Hopefully they can make it happen. Anything is possible as long as you want it!

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1 hour ago, jackgrande said:

THE GAYS WERE FOUND DEAD... fuck they better have a collab on AG4 :wendy42:


7 hours ago, sidetoside said:

Ilya and Savan (ariana's songwriters) just followed dua on instagram. They fucking collabed im pretty sure about that :wendy18: Ariana x dua is coming, ag4 is coming, ariana is coming :wendy18:

I think it'll more likely be for DL2. I want high profile collabs on AG4 (no offence to dua) and im pretty sure AG4 is already being finished up :asmrchew3:

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