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What Happened To The good sis Pixie Lott?

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Do we all remember Pixie Lott? Here are a few of her hits:


She had a massive first era, and 2nd era and then she faded away during her 3rd. Nasty and Lay Me Down I'm sure hit US but weren't a success there. After breaking through globally with Broken Arrow and others, I would have thought she would have been able to sustain that. 

Last year, she released this bop.

It didn't even do that well in the UK, and I've only heard it once on the radio since its release 4 months ago and since it has that trendy sound to it I thought it would have done better. The video doesn't even have 1M views yet and it's been out for 3 months. 

Why do you think Pixie's career died? 

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