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Nicki Minaj

The snake joke isn't funny anymore. What should we call Taylor now?

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Taylor took that snake thing and ran with it. It inspired her entire album concept, the GA part of her tour is called the "snake pit" and she wears that nickname like a badge of honour.

From a h8r standpoint, calling her a snake is invalid now and we need something new. Any suggestions?


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2018 and i still can't get how she thinks being called a snake is cool, same for her fans. Calling someone a snake is saying that they have no character, that this person is a double-faced, fake, unreliable... Anyway, you can call her Taylor Shit, Regina George, Fake Bitch, the list can go on and on :tayincourt:

Just now, Salvatore said:

n besides whoever said the snake thing was a joke? :taylucifer3: 

EXACTLY, THANK YOU :explainga: 

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