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Tulla Luana or Gretchen?

Tulla Luana or Gretchen?  

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  1. 1. Tulla Luana or Gretchen?

    • Tulla Luana
    • Gretchen

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As a brazilian, i'd say Tulla is funnier in a problematic way - she's kinda homophobic, and also she has schizophrenia, which makes me feel bad for laughing at her, even though she apparently never records videos while in a crisis or something, and i'm not laughing of her mental health, so...

Gretchen is a little less, she initially rejected her transgender son, but i can understand 'cause she's old and it's hard for old people to understand this stuff. Now she has a healthy and loveful relationship with her son, btw.

So i'd say Gretchen.

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