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Some Monsters can be vile af

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So to give guys the back story, Gaga kicked of her European leg of the tour a couple of days ago (14/01/18) in Barcelona. Ever since Gaga had to cancel her Rock In Rio date due to her chronic pain, the Latin American fans have been really upset with Gaga and her team. It's understanable to feel like that, but there comes a point where you have to realise that the artists health and wellbeing is more important than playing at a festival. 

One fan managed to meet Bobby (Gaga's manager) and they asked if Gaga would be going to Latin America on the JWT, which I thought it was obvious that the tour would end after Europe so it's a stupid question to me. Bobby's response was something like "No she wouldn't be going there but she'll be in Vegas so come there". Now, Bonby was speaking in Spanish but that wasn't what he meant to say

So after this video, the Latin American monsters started to comment really nasty stuff on Gaga's posts and Bobby's posts and it's to the point of cyber bullying. It's gotten so bad that Gaga's manager had to say something about it:


I go onto Gaga Daily to find this disgusting comment


The first 2 comments are vile. I am honestly disgusted at part of the fanbase for bullying Gaga and her team that much that Bobby has to say something. This woman was laid crippled on a hospital bed on the eve of her Rock in Rio performance, she had to reschedule an entire section of her tour just so she could physically feel okay to perform again, and these absolutely self entitled whinging no lives are gonna abuse and harass her and her manager on Instagram? All because they’re not getting a tour date? 


It's selfish and wrong. I'm so disappointed in part of the fanbase


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