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Will there ever be a "next Justin Bieber"?

Will there ever be a "next Justin Bieber"?  

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  1. 1. Will there ever be a "next Justin Bieber"?

    • Yes
    • Yes and it's called Shawn Mendes
    • No, his level of success cannot be matched

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Every time some little boy sings, she gets hailed as "the next Justin Bieber". It happened to Cody Simpson, it happened to Greyson Chance, it happened to Austin Mahone, it even happened to Jacob Sartorius.

I guess the closest we've had to a "next Justin Bieber" is Shawn Mendes but they aren't really that similar outside of being Canadian LGBT boys that can sing.

So, will we actually have a "next Justin Bieber" or will anyone being given that title turn out to be a flop?


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42 minutes ago, Pixelated Cunt said:

What's they hype over Shawn Mendes anyway? he's neither cute or makes good music

OT: No, Justin will probably have to retire but that's probably not gonna happen until the next 10-15 years

you right + you can clearly see that he's already tired of everything that is connected with music, his purpose tour was just a big one joke he was only walking on stage with his hands in da pocket and 90% of the show he was lip-syncing this boy is doing his bare minimum and people like it I- :wendy20:

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