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Sugababes | Summer Of 99 | Demo

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It's widely known that from 2011 to 2013, the original Sugababes were working on a new album under the name 'Mutya Keisha Siobhan'. After their single flopped, their label dropped them and since 2014, they've been working vigorously to get back the Sugababes name.


The summer of 99 was the last summer before the group shot to stardom, as their debut single came out in September 2000 with promo all over the summer before.


'Summer of 99' is one of the many demos they recorded - and was labelled as "INCREDIBLE SONG" by many people and sites, including Popjustice.


This track was the planned second single from the album, the follow up to 'Flatline', their only release to date. Would this have been another hit for the group? 




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8 minutes ago, treasuuuh said:

omg i used to love them! i like it but i think i prefer flatline 

I still do. With all my heart. If its not for the music it is for the fact they love their fans which I find very important. You dont belong in the industry if you dont.

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