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COPCRITICS: The Fame Monster (EP)

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Hey sistrenz :sistren: 

Not so long ago we rated ANTi

I liked it so I wanted to hear what y'all have to say about The Fame Monster

Rules are simple, just like ones from rating ANTi:


Rate every song on the album so we can have COPCRITIC review of the album. I'll try to do threads for new albums but I'm starting with the album which I last listened to. I also wanted to make a thread different than the usual megarates bc in I couldn't have opportunity to join some megarates because they were finished.

  • Your rate should be between 0-10, be neutral while you rate.
  • Do not give extra high or extra low points just because you stan or hate the artist.
  • Remember to act like a real critic.
  • Score will be updated with every new post. (I'll try to update very quickly)

You can also write your comment below your point.

With that being said, lets get it poppin' :wendy13: 



1. Bad Romance

2. Alejandro

3. Monster

4. Speechless

5. Dance In The Dark

6. Telephone (ft. Beyonce)

7. So Happy I Could Die

8. Teeth


My review:

  1. Bad Romance: 10 - easily one of my fav songs ever, I don't think I have to explain why. Only problem I have with it is that it's an album opener. I don't like when the best song is first one,                                   but still, amazing track.
  2. Alejandro: 9,5 
  3. Monster: 7
  4. Speechless: 9 - nice song with beautiful lyrics
  5. Dance In The Dark: 10 - the ONLY song from album that can compete with Bad Romance. She really outdid herself with this one :yas2: 
  6. Telephone (ft. Beyonce): 8
  7. So Happy I Could Die: 8
  8. Teeth: 6

My average rating: 8,4375 / 10


Edit 1: I saw some of you didn't calculate YOUR average rating and for those who are going to do it, PLEASE, add up your rate from every song (for example - 8+7+8+2+4+5+1+6) and number you get divide with 8 (number of songs). From my example, average rating would be 41/8=5.125. If you guys still don't understand tag me. 

Edit 2: Average rating from 15 reviews is ~ 7.635

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The Fame Monster review

1) Bad Romance - in all honesty, this song is quite unlistenable for me these days. I don't know if it just aged badly or I overplayed it when it was popular, but it just doesn't do anything for me anymore. The bridge is still great though & I know it was a milestone in pop music. 7/10

2) Alejandro - this song is pop gold. The production is fire & Gaga's delivery is amazing. 9/10

3) Monster - again, slightly dated for me but I much prefer this to most other songs on the EP. 8.5/10

4) Speechless - God awful. The lyrics are nice enough but everything else: the production, Gaga's voice etc are terrible. Willing to forgive Gaga for it though because ballads are clearly not her strong point. 3/10

5) Dance In The Dark - should have been the lead single. 10/10

6) Telephone - iconic video, but overall the song is quite dull. It's still a lot of fun though & I still find myself listening to it from time to time. 7/10

7) So Happy I Could Die - fantastic. I could go on and on about this song like I did back in 2010 but I'll leave it at: SHOULD HAVE BEEN A SINGLE. 9.5/10

8) Teeth - a glorious mess. 8/10

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  1. Bad Romance - 10 probably the most iconic song on the album
  2. Alejandro - 9 I remember listening to it on repeat for hours
  3. Monster - 9,5 
  4. Speechless - 6 not really my tea
  5. Dance In The Dark - 10 I think it's my personal favorite, a single material
  6. Telephone (ft. Beyonce) - 9,5 legendary collaboration
  7. So Happy I Could Die - 8,5
  8. Teeth 7,5


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1. Bad Romance- I used to love this song so much during The Fame Monster era (I still like it but it was overplayed, so when I listen to it, I can't replay it again). It was, it is and it will be a good bop 8/10

2. Alejandro- Not gonna lie, I've never appreciated and liked that song that much from that EP. 5/10

3. Monster- I don't see me listen to that song now, but for TFM era it was perfect! 9/10

4. Speechless- Not one of my favorites, I will define it probably the Queen of skipped songs into my Gaga Playlist 4/10

5. Dance In The Dark- This was one of my two favorite songs from the EP. It has a good rhythm and it's really catchy. 10/10

6. Telephone (ft. Beyoncé)- This amazing featuring was another overplayed song. Really good, but not the best featuring that I've ever seen into the music industry. 7/10

7. So Happy I Could Die- I LOVE THIS SONG. This is one of the songs that I play most, even if it's really old. THIS IS SUCH A BOP, I CAN'T 10/10

8. Teeth- I really like the sound of it, but the lyrics was meh. 7/10

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1. Bad Romance - 10/10, One of the best pop songs of all time, excellent lyrics & a very catchy beat to it.

2. Alejandro 9/10, Love this mid-tempo track that showcases Gaga's soft/smooth vocals.

3. Monster 8/10, Should've been a single

4. Speechless 8/10, Gaga's best ballad. The fact she wrote it about her father gets me quite emotional.

5. Dance In The Dark 8/10, Best lyrically written song from the album. The name dropping at the last verse was iconic.

6. Telephone (ft. Beyonce) 7/10, Eh, not my type of a song but still a bop!

7. So Happy I Could Die 9/10, UNDERRATED

8. Teeth 5/10, Bad bad bad song.

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  1. Bad Romance  -  9.5  Great song, defifinetly one of her best work yet.
  2. Alejandro  -  10  This song was a summer jam in my country & all over Europe. I'm so happy she fought for it to be a single. It's definitely the right choice.
  3. Monster  -  8  
  4. Speechless  -  7
  5. Dance In The Dark  -  7.5
  6. Telephone (ft. Beyonce)  -  10  First song I listened to from her. Some may say its generic, but actually its a #1 worthy song with an epic video. The lack of promotion killed both Alejandro and Telephone sadly.
  7. So Happy I Could Die  -  8
  8. Teeth  -  6.5  It's more like a filler. Artpop standards song

My overall review equals to 8.31, It's Gaga's peak to currently & I'm still hoping one day she'll get rid of this Joanne, JazzGa, EDMGa spirits and go back to her old, true self making good synthpop music. Maybe she'll reach another peak.

P.S You better start updating the rate sis.


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1. Bad Romance - 9.5/10. An iconic pop song that defined the 2000s in it's final year. There's really nothing more to say.

2. Alejandro - 9/10. Once again, iconic. I actually like the idea that Alejandro/Fernando are all these men that wrote the bible and are claiming what God would've wanted Christians to do and believe in.

3. Monster - 10/10. One of the best pop songs ever written and recorded. It's catchy and fun while still being super deep and representing something Gaga is highly against, sexual assault. The bridge is the best part. Should've been released as a single and gone to #1.

4. Speechless - 8/10. I'm giving this an 8 because it lowkey creeps me out that, like with The Edge Of Glory, the song is supposed to be for her grandfather but it's written as if she's speaking to a lover. It obviously doesn't have "I need a man that thinks it's right when it's so wrong" in it so an 8 it is.

5. Dance In The Dark - 7/10. I give this a 7 because there's something about the melody and the production that just seems to be lacking that oomph that most Gaga songs have.

6. Telephone (ft. Beyonce) - 10/10. An iconic collaboration. Catchy song with meaning that's familiar to pop radio but new and inventive at the same time. Beyonce's verse takes this song to another level and ultimately makes it a 10/10.

7. So Happy I Could Die - 9/10. I'm a sucker for this song because I see it as being so sarcastic. I think of it as wishful thinking while she's going through hard times (and it was confirmed that this was about alcoholism anyway). 

8. Teeth - 8/10. I don't get why everyone hates this song. I think it's a dope track about getting head. "Take a bite of my bad girl meat" makes me squeal and the beat is so different but great.

Overall Score: 8.8/10 - A brilliant E.P. that was a massive improvement from the full The Fame project and it really cemented Lady Gaga as a big and respected pop act of our time. I will play this for my children when they ask me what the music from my time was like.

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1. Bad Romance 10/10 One Of Her Most Iconic Songs And Music Video In History! The First youtube video to reach 1Billion Views! I Love this song! and the GP Approves

2. Alejandro 10/10 I Love The Song The Choreo It Never Gets Boring!

3. Monster 10/10 One Of The Fan Favorites it really shows gags monstrous side 

4. Speechless 9/10 Don't Get Me Wrong I love this song! It's Just Because I Skip it Cause It Isn't Crazy And Fast It's A More of a sit-down and relax type of song

5. Dance in the Dark 10/10 Do I Even Have To Say? 

6. Telephone Ft (Beyonce) One Of Gaga's Biggest Hits One Of The Most Iconic Lyrics  It's Catchy! and adding Beyonce to the mix made it even better!

7. So Happy I Could Die 9/10 Same As Speechless

8. Teeth 8/10  I Love this song A lot Hate it but I like it (SHOW ME YO TEETH!)

Overall Score 9.2/10 Will Go Down As One Of the most iconic EP'S of all time  Gaga really paved a way for the other girls in 2010  Lady Gaga is The New Queen Of Pop TEA!

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1. Bad Romance 10/10 this is a masterpiece 

2. Alejandro 10/10 another masterpiece

3. Monster 7/10

4. Speechless 10/10 the meaning of the song makes me so emotional sometimes I cry when I listen to it

5. Dance In The Dark 8/10 I hate the weird noises in the beginning but it's a good song overall

6. Telephone (ft. Beyonce) 8/10 

7. So Happy I Could Die 6/10 I love the yee hee yee ha part but the rest is a bit boring

8. Teeth 7/10 

Overall score: 8.2/10

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1. Bad Romance: 9/10

2. Alejandro: 6.5/10

3. Monster: 6.5/10

4. Speechless: 7/10

5. Dance In The Dark: 7.8/10

6. Telephone (ft. Beyonce): 9/10

7. So Happy I Could Die: 5/10

8. Teeth: 5.5/10


Average Score: 7.04

Best Songs: Bad Romance, Telephone ft. Beyonce

Worst Songs: So Happy I Could Die, Teeth


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