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Worst Stanbases  

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  1. 1. Which is the worst?

    • Swifties
    • Little Monsters
    • Katy Cats
    • Arianators
    • The Barbs
    • Beliebers
    • Harmonizers/mixers
    • Selenators...
    • Bey Hive
    • Other (comment)

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3 hours ago, donthurtyourself said:

tell me how

Well hun don't drag me but this is all what they experienced online with your fandom, same thing with me (happened once on Insta)

Most of the time they think your idol is "all that" ,"beyhive is always perfect" or "shes a goddess in general" (I'm not puting religion in this) or its the "all tracks are perfect" thing. 

Well not every artist has the best album of songs (not every song is going to be good). She didn't create god ,she just made music. They think your icon does fancy rituals and 1 hater even said shes partly the devil (the iluminati thing), which is sort of a creepy story tbh. I got sort of fed up in my brain because I love saying my opinion but theres always a beyhive waiting to drag somebody down hard to the core which really hurts personally. Or they think shes perfect when she isn't (we all arent perfect)

I do look up to her and her music tho. I just don't want too many people to talk about her like all the time


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