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The Church of Pop Memory Book (returns)

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For those who don't know: I used to write down everything important that happened in Church of Pop. At the end of the year I'll release it and it will allow you to remember the past year on this forum. Due to everything happened in the past I never got to complete it. But like this whole forum, I would like to give this a second chance!

This time I start with the date this forum opened and will include the days we're still closed for the public!


This is just the first announcement. If you like to join me working on this project, you can PM me. So if you like to edit images or like to write articles. Or brainstorm with me on how to make this book more interesting to read!

Its gonna be an online book which means its gonna be a PDF file so everybody can download it and print it if you like.


Feel free to ask any questions or share suggestions! 

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9 hours ago, scorn said:

Don't forget to include the iconic threads

"What surgeries should fadga have"

"cop should not be like atrl"

"who stans SHANIA TWAIN in 2017"

"Have you ever experienced racism"

Thanks for the suggestions. It will be the most important happenings that I will write down.


Slasher will be in it for sure for an example!

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