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Dua Lipa | New Rules (Music Video out now)

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16 minutes ago, Yüyi said:

This is such a bop I cant and the video is SO amazing :nickishook:

all the current pop girls are SHOOKETH :poot:

mad bc shes flopping wtf she deserves SO MUCH

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On 7/12/2017 at 5:38 PM, MsCabello said:

This mv was super dope, although I didnt get the flamingos part and Dua has no facial expressions in this.

the flamingos symbolize sticking together as flamingos always travel in flocks in order to look out for each other and ensure safety of one another. So she put flamingos in the video to represent her supportive friendships that are helping her get through this heartbreak 

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The video and the lyrics cross a really strong message from a woman's point of view; it's so beautiful! The music is amazing, the video is gorgeous, and the lyrics are remarkable. Although, I do like the first version she recorded of this song rather than the studio version, but it's still an amazing song regardless! Glad she chose this to be a single out of her album full of bops. 

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#9 Ireland (=)

#21 United Kingdom (-1)

#27 Singapore (+1)

#32 Indonesia (+2)

#37 Malaysia (+1)

#37 Poland (+1)

#42 Netherlands (+2) 

#50 New Zealand (+4)

#51 Australia (+4)

#51 Canada (+5)

#51 Portugal (+2)

#52 Worldwide (+3)

#53 Turkey (-1)

#54 Belgium (+2)

#58 United States (+3) 

#60 Switzerland (+6)

#71 Philippines (+2)

#95 Norway (-3)

#92 Finland (+11)

#113 Denmark (+21)

#115 Austria (+10)

#115 Brazil (+13)

#150 Spain (+16)

#156 Germany (+15)

#178 Mexico (+16)

#194 Sweden (NEW)


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