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McDonald’s Employee Attacked Over Broken Ice Cream Machine

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It seems to be an ongoing joke that McDonald’s ice cream machines are ALWAYS down, but three Florida women didn’t find it funny during a recent drive-thru stop at Mickey D’s.

The ladies, two of which were juveniles, stopped at a location in Daytona Beach and attempted to order ice cream.  However, they were told the machine was down for maintenance. For some reason, they then proceeded to enter the lobby of the restaurant and became even more angry when they saw another customer eating ice cream. They began arguing with the employee that took their order and one of the juveniles threatened to come behind the counter and assault her. Before she was able to act, the older woman in the group charged at the employee, hitting her and pulling her hair.

A manager witnessed the altercation and called 911 for help, but before police arrived, the women fled in a red sedan. Authorities are waiting for the restaurant to turn over their surveillance tapes in hopes of finding the attackers.

McDonald’s released the following statement:


The safety of our customers and employees is one of our top priorities. As this is an ongoing investigation, all inquiries are being directed to the Daytona Beach Police Department.

No matter how much you want a McFlurry, it’s never worth catching a case over.



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