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    • laracroftonline

      How to ignore users   01/20/2018

      I seen people asking how to ignore users or block them. Visit the link down below add the user in the bar and select what type of things you want to ignore from them. https://churchofpop.net/ignore/ Easy right!

Ask the next member a question

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A game you can find in any other forum. A real forum classic!


Answer the question above you and ask a new question for the next member.




Lets go! A question to start with:

Do you have any pets?

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Nah, I had a dog called Ossie once but he passed away at about thirteen (human) years. My mum also had a guide dog called India but she had to be taken away once my mum passed away so I currently don't have any pets and I'm in no rush to get one.

What comes to mind when I say the word "cheeseburger"?

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