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So it's okay for Madonna fans?

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I guess it's okay for Madonna fans to poke fun at someone's appearance and/or weight when their fave looks like this

Image result for trex arms


Lemme drop a little truth bomb on some of you. Weight can be fixed.  Tragic-looking faces can't. Hell, not even optometry can fix some people. :wendy21:

cough HOMOJE- oh excuse me. 

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Guest messiah
6 hours ago, True Bebe Rexha Fan said:

She will be dead in a few years, let them have fun while they can


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9 hours ago, badgallaura said:


This. Clearly masturbation isn't a thing for a t-rex. That's why this comparison fails btw.

2 hours ago, Praise The Lorde said:

I never undertood why people drag Madonna just because she's following the course of life  like everybody else :madgeappetit:

It's called ageism,  a type of discrimination supported by madonna's haters. 

OT: :kiss:

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