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K.flay is a rapper / singer that blends rock music and rap together with some cool pop hooks and electronic influences too! She also went to Stanford and majored in psychology, and the majority of her music has to deal with drug abuse and abandonment issues. Especially when it comes to relationships, K.Flay raises interesting topics and shows us the ugly side of love more often than the positive side.

She is currently touring with Imagine Dragons and has toured with acts like Lights & Grouplove. Her songs have been featured on many TV promo's and videogame soundtracks.

K. Flay deserves more pop stans, her music is multi genre but I believe she definitely belongs here. Here are some of her best songs:


Fans of Imagine Dragons, Lil Peep, Mike Posner, Twentyonepilots, Kesha, and Billie Eilish will probably enjoy her the most. You cannot go wrong with her music, every song sounds different and interesting, once you get past her voice (it can be annoying) you won't have any trouble standing this genius queen.

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