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2 minutes ago, The Boy said:

phew that means a lot coming from you :pika:

awe thanks for saying that :pika:

shes coming to end a certain group of girls :tehe: 

1 minute ago, Maren Swift said:

Me too. I like the colour and think it is cool. :tayincourt:

the way the covers are, are a theme and I’m digging it lol. 

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3 minutes ago, KnightofCrescentLovatic said:

It's just the cloud covering her eyes that's bothering me tbh, apart from that I like it.

oh okay I see. I like that aesthetic. :greenface:


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Are we ignoring that her instagram profile pic for the longest time was the same shoot as the album cover? This picture alone is so much better in my opinion. This photo has some iconic classic look to it, like Britney's "In the Zone" cover or Beyonce's "Dangerously in Love" album cover. Sia must have had a big impact on this album if Camila really isn't gonna show her face in her album cover :wendy14: jk d584834cd9953ae190c68432d3309a6b.jpg

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