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Maren Swift

reputation megarate

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16 minutes ago, Maren Swift said:

The reputation megarate is here. Are you ....Ready For It?


Taylor Swift has released the biggest album of the year selling more copies than any album after 4 days and 2 million copies worldwide. Now it is time to see which tracks are the kings of your heart and which are not nice things.

What do you need to do? Rank each song from the album from 1-10 and your favourite song an 11. The album is now out on streaming services so there should be many opportunities for you to listen to it. After you have ranked the songs, pm these rankings to me. After that all you need to do is wait for the results to be released and maybe complain about how COP has no taste when they are revealed. We'll see. :tayincourt:

Here is the tracklist:

...Ready For It

End Game

I Did Something Bad

Don't Blame Me


Look What You Made Me Do

So It Goes...


Getaway Car

King Of My Heart

Dancing With Our Hands Tied


This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Call It What You Want

New Year's Day


I'm down, I'll send the scores after I  Re-listen to it   it's been a while.

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1 minute ago, badgallaura said:

Please ignore him, he's pressed and would prolly die in a corner from poverty.

excuse me, I'd die in the center of where i am

I need the attention :stress:

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Guest messiah

I have to confess something. I haven't listened to the album because I'm too scared Ill like it. Call me petty :trisha2:

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