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Demi Performs Punk Version Of SNS @ Emo Nite

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2 hours ago, Kylie Minogue said:

She performs SNS wayyyy too much. But I like this version!


It's one of two singles off her new album, of course she's going to perform it.. :wendy20:


It's about time we stop hearing Neon Lights, GYHAB, Really Don't Care etc.


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3 hours ago, BLΛƆKPIИK said:

i missed me some punkmi



I love this fucking song so much. I wanna crash, I wanna fall I wanna be somewhere in the middle, somewhere in the middle and something is better than nothing, I just need a little, I just need a little and I don't wanna be nowhere, something's making me go there, somewhere in the middle with you.



@Trainwreck The song that gave you your name. 

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