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Has your fav ever changed a album's name before?

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Yes Ariana has.

Her debut album name was suppose to be called Daydreamin but then she changed it to Yours Truly 


This was also the original album cover for Yours Truly:


She later then changed it to:



Her third studio album was suppose to be called Moonlight but then changed it to Dangerous Woman


For Camila... Her debut album was gonna be called The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving but in a recent interview she said she was changing the album's name

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Justified was originally titled Blue Eyed Soul for a time. He changed the title after one of the dancers he was working with continually called him Justified instead of Justin. He asked why and the guy basically told him bc he's legit, not just another former boybander trying and doomed to fail. His place in pop music was justified.

Corny af, but the title is ace so it's all good.


I recall one of Mariah's albums post-Rainbow era was originally supposed to be called Lollipop, I can't remember why it is that they decided to change it.

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