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Demi Lovato | #Lovatics

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ughhh still pressed over how much dust cfts got paid! if only the music video was more creative! the song was perfect. the radio spins were great. but the music video and badly timed promo slots ruined everything. this honestly could've been a summer anthem for all summers to come.

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2 hours ago, Britney Spears said:

I seriously have to listen to "Demi" again. ? Didn't know it had sold 1M copies and many ppl say "Nightingale" is her best Song. Plus, I love Heart Attack, Neon Lights and Really Don't Care.

I still have to listen to her first two albums?

Don't sleep on Here We Go Again. Her pop/rock era was so fucking good. Catch Me forever remains one of my favourite songs of hers.

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