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Most Delusional interview EVER!!! TRY NOT TO LAUGH

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1 minute ago, Bobs Vagene said:

Perfect for each other.

Both full of themselves and totally insufferable. I will feel SO SORRY for any children that come of this evil union.

they really think they are the shit :tehe: when in actuality, they are just shit :tehe: They are a disgrace and insult to the music industry, but like you said they are perfect to eachother :tehe:

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5 minutes ago, kipperskipper said:

Image result for lana del rey laughing gif

Interviewer: When I first heard the song I knew this was a 2017 Bonnie and Clyde and then when you said it I was like Oh? No shit Sherlock. No offense but I don't think that that interviewer saying that was needed at all.

Either way.:tehe: I cringed.

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Guest Desperado
38 minutes ago, Ms. Knee said:

They've been dating for like 2 days wtf :kelly:


37 minutes ago, kipperskipper said:

they are like a couple in middle school :kelly: 


35 minutes ago, Ms. Knee said:

They got that crazyyy kind of love :kelly:

these two are the definition of 'CRINGE' to me :lmfao::kelly:

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