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Best Beyoncé Collaboration this year?

Look at the thread name lol  

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  1. 1. Look at the thread name lol

    • Shining
    • Family Feud
    • Mi Gente
    • Walk On Water
    • Perfect Duet

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Waiting for people to say that she's desperate :wendy17: If she wants to keep her name out there and giving fans some Music while waiting for her new Album, then I have no problem with that :demifat: 

Shining (DJ Khaled with Beyoncé and JAY-Z)


Family Feud (JAY-Z with Beyoncé) (Nominated for a Grammy btw :wendy42:)

(Only found the performance of it. Stream it on Tidal I guess :P)

Mi Gente (J Balvin with Willy Williams and Beyoncé)


Walk On Water (Eminem with Beyoncé)


Perfect Duet (Ed Sheeran with Beyoncé)


For me it would be Perfect Duet and Mi Gente :demilip: Her Spanish still slays me on MG and she sounds really beautiful on the PD. Don't really care about the others. 

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1 hour ago, CUZ!CAN said:

Mi Gente... the rest was lowkey trash

Perfect is better than everything on Witness, wyd? :wendy19:

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