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Rihanna vs Ariana

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The girls from Fourth Disharmony wish to have Rihanna's videography. :tayincourt:

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1 minute ago, jackgrande said:

It’s just facts sis, most of her other albums have so many shitty filler songs. Good girl gone bad is okay I guess :yikes:

I'd say different strokes for different folks as everybody has their own taste but still... :keshabye:

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2 minutes ago, Fifth Harmony said:

I guess u are like Miley:wendy19:

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Making music when not needed:wendy12:


Lol, weak drag that makes no sense. Fifth Harmony literally rushed an album after queen Camila left to try and stay relevant but completely flopped, and now even more irrelevant than ever. That’s what you call making music when it’s not needed, if they actually went and worked hard on a good album and single maybe they would have survived.

Malibu is one of the best songs of the year and peaked at #10. How did Down do sweetie? Peaking at #42 and being one of the worst songs of year? I think so...

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