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Melbourne Gets Serious Flood Warning

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Melbourne weather: Rain begins to hit city as Victoria braces for worst floods in decades

Victoria is bracing for an unprecedented  storm with rainfall so heavy it is expected to cause major flooding throughout the state.

Heavy droplets hit central Geelong about 2.30pm on Thursday, with rain increasing across western parts of Victoria after midnight. 


Rain starts to hit parts of central Melbourne on Friday morning. Rain starts to hit parts of central Melbourne on Friday morning. Photo: Justin McManus

Scattered showers and thunderstorms also hit west of Bendigo with up to 30 millimetres predicted to lash the region in the early hours of Friday morning.   

Bureau of Metrology senior forecaster Chris Godfrey said it was just a taste of what's to come.

"It's the start of a great rain band, which is coming in from the west that will spread across the state on Friday night," he said.

As the record-breaking rain bears down on Victoria, forecasters have said the state is entering "uncharted territory" with all of Melbourne's rivers predicted to flood

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Melbourne flash flooding in 1972. Melbourne flash flooding in 1972.  Photo: Neville Bowler

"It is an event that poses a threat to life, there will be a massive amount of lightning, there will be roads cut, flood waters," Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Scott Williams warned

Source: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/melbourne-weather-recordbreaking-rainfall-begins-its-journey-from-victorias-west-20171130-gzwd54.html


I dunno if i should go to club this sat or not now, stay safe other fellow victorians. Its said to be our worst since the 1970s

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3 minutes ago, Sokka said:

I think it would be better if you stayed at home. I want you and the other members from Australia to be safe <3 

Yeh im sorta thinking that, thanks lovely ♡

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