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Found 180 results

  1. The left are doubling down after their Jussie Smollett hoax got exposed saying that hate crimes are on the rise. Well I have actual evidence for that statement. Here it is: Yep hate crimes against Conservatives are at an all time high. Leftists are SO violent!
  2. Wow this is an epidemic! So much worse than i thought. I guess when you tell a group of people that they're victims and molly coddle them through life, you give them a victim mentality for life.
  3. I’ve been told by Republicans users here countless of times that it is and their politicians say it. last time I remembered I would trust a scientist for scientific facts not a politician what do you think girls?
  4. Trump will just have to sit back and not even say a thing at this point
  5. North America has the USA A lot of European countries are racist, e.g. Russia, UK Asian countries like China,India and Japan are messy too Australia is famous for racism South America is overrun with racism. The scientists in research stations at Antarctica are mostly white or Asian, I'm sure there are some racists among them.
  6. So apparently this poor little black girl was shot to death in a Walmart parking lot and all of the BLM activists sprung to action and protested because they thought a white man did it. Turns out it was a black man and now they’re quiet and don’t actually care about the little girls death at all, they were just using it to spread their anti white rhetoric. Disgusting!!! BLM is totally over and that’s from the mouths of POC themselves.
  7. 2010 is low-key the worst year in Britney's life. Many of her fans speculated she had a second breakdown that was much more tumultuous than 2006 to 2008 but her team did everything they could to make it private. She apparently relapsed and that's when her father made the conservatorship permanent. They prescribed her heavy medication and it aged her. It is suspected they prescribed her klonopines and resperidone. January 2010: Feb 2010: march 2010: April 2010 (her second meltdown starts happening) May 2010 (she cut her hair during a breakdown in Disneyland, it seems) June 2010 July 2010 August 2010 (Medication is kicked in): Sept 2010 Oct 2010: Nov 2010: Femme Fatale Britney: 2010: 2011 I'm just so glad she's not on those heavy meds anymore and she's alive again
  8. @ all the sexual comments he makes toward this clearly heterosexual male. He makes me homophobic tbh
  9. WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is planning to roll back Obama-era policies aimed at ensuring that minority children are not unfairly disciplined, arguing that the efforts have eased up on punishment and contributed to rising violence in the nation’s schools, according to documents obtained by The New York Times. The decision culminates a nearly yearlong effort begun by the Trump administration after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. The deaths of 17 students and staff members on Feb. 14 prompted lawmakers in both parties to demand tougher gun laws, but after a brief flirtation with gun control, President Trump abandoned that focus and instead empowered a school safety commission, led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Almost immediately, the commission turned away from guns and instead scrutinized the Obama administration’s school discipline policies, though none of the most high-profile school shootings were perpetrated by black students. The commission’s focus was part of a broader effort to reject the previous administration’s race-conscious education efforts, which have included siding with Asian students suing Harvard to end affirmative action and delaying an Obama-era rule to prevent disproportionate numbers of minority children from being funneled into special education classes. Obama administration officials wrote in 2014 that discipline rates may be caused by a range of factors but that they could not be explained solely “by more frequent or more serious misbehavior by students of color.” “In short, racial discrimination in school discipline is a real problem,” they wrote. The Education and Justice Departments under Mr. Trump argue that they are not convinced that large racial gaps are attributable to discrimination. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/17/us/politics/trump-school-discipline.html
  10. As we've seen recently, stans of certain artists have bullied their ex-partners into having severe depression and mental health issues. Do you believe that the artists have a responsibility to make sure their stans arent harassing people they were associated with on a large scale like we saw with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson?
  11. I 100% support the death penalty. I would like to see the death penalty for murder, armed robberies, pedophilia and drug traffickers.
  12. So heartbroken at the #SlaveLaw passed in Hungary today 😔 A law that allows employers to make their workers work an extra 400 hours a year. 💔 Let's all come together to stream OVERTIME by JESSIE WARE instead of mourning! Actual article about the law ; https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1056260/hungary-protests-viktor-orban-slave-law-overtime-rules
  13. The results from yesterday's #HotButtonIssue (Is Blackfishing REAL?) are in and it seems that Blackfishing is INDEED real. 5 members votes yes and 2 members voted no. Now let's look at the next issue... Is third wave feminism (modern day feminism) resulting in Female Entitlement? Everywhere I go I seem to see female entitlement. If you're a woman with a pram you basically own the streets. If you're a woman on the bus or train you seem to get two seats (one for you and one for your bag) whilst the males around you stand. And there's countless other examples. Check THIS ONE out: As always, stay on topic and stay within the rules. Warning points will fly if you cannot follow our forum rules.
  14. New daily thread idea... myself or other admins/global mods will make a thread relating to a hot button issue to spark some debate. N.B. This thread will NOT be closed, but if you don't follow the forum rules then you will receive WPs if the posts are reported. Personal insults = BIG NO NO. So let's get to our first topic... Is blackfishing REAL?
  15. Tbh writing is hardly that much of a talent. Anyone could do it if they put their mind to it. It’s not that impressive to be an author or a songwriter
  16. Can we forgive legend Bjork for using the n-word multiple times because she isn't American and didn't partake in slavery? Serious discussion only.
  17. These people are a danger to us ALL 9:00 straight from the horses mouth.