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Found 144 results

  1. fucking disgusting im pissed and no one is talking about this btw look at the fucking comments rts and likes
  2. I've seen so much shocking racism from democrats toward Kanye and other POC like Diamond & Silk just because they dare to think for themselves and have become woke to democrats being the modern day slavery party (entrapping POC into voting for them with all this rhetoric and brainwashing into the liberalist schools). I just can't do it anymore, I just can't support the democrats.
  3. ..it’s hard out here for a bitch! The amount of TEA she spilled with this song though. Men have it SO easy compared to women.
  4. ..don’t look into women’s eyes, can’t touch women or shake their hands due to religion? Is it okay to refuse to do that in a work situation for example?
  5. TO those of y'all who don't know about the XInjiang, it's basically the Westernmost province of China, annexed and incorporated into China by 1949. The natives of the area, the ethnic Uyghurs, have been practicing Islam for a long long time and are racially and culturally similar to their Central Asian neighbours in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. What's been happening there recently is that the government has been cracking down on the entire region and putting AT LEAST 1 million Muslims in concentration detention camps where they go through forced political indoctrination. Many are even made to eat pork and drink alcohol. China: Massive Crackdown in Muslim Region Human Rights Watch U.S. Weighs Sanctions Against Chinese Officials Over Muslim Detention Camps New York Times
  6. For instance, if a guy is attracted to cis women and pre-op trans girls but isn't attracted to cis men. What does that make him? (Blaire White and Joey teas)
  7. Australian model Jordan Barrett on women being paid more than men in the modelling industry: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6170025/Australian-supermodel-Jordan-Barrett-speaks-gender-pay-disparity-modelling.html Absolutely disgusting! Us men need to fight back! How dare women get paid more for better work and being in more demand?
  8. its just a series on YouTube made for entertainment it’s not that deep. I literally can’t at SJWs making everything into an issue
  9. The situation that many YouTubers warned about has just happened The European Union has voted in favour of a new series of laws that will dramatically affect online content. The Copyright Directive is designed to help protect creators of all kinds and to give them more control over how their content is used and shared, particularly online. But there are two Articles within the directive - Articles 11 and 13, which have been widely criticised by YouTubers and and even YouTube itself. The Directive was passed with 438 votes in favour, 226 against and 39 abstentions. What is Article 11? It has been dubbed a 'link tax' by critics because it adds a barrier into the free flow of news and information. This will affect publishers and platforms more than individual creators. What is Article 13? Article 13 will more directly affect online creators and YouTubers. Under Article 13, platforms like YouTube will be held directly responsible when someone violates copyright on their platform. This means that any copyright violation that is committed by users is then held as the fault of the company. When you consider how much copyrighted material is uploaded to YouTube and Twitter, this will be devastating for YouTube... meaning YouTube will have to clamp the hell down on all copyrighted uploads, or face massive fines. Why do people not like Article 13? The prospect of YouTube and Twitter doing massive copyright sweeps in order to avoid being fined presents a dire prospect for creators, who will find their resources very much cut down. Right now you can post a meme'd image on Twitter, but if there is a copyright claim on the original image, that meme will be taken down instantly. YouTubers tried to rally people to protest the directive ahead of the vote Is this the end of the road? Not quite yet. The Directive still needs a final vote in the European Parliament in January 2019. They are likely to pass it. However, individual EU countries then get to decide how they want to implement the Directive, meaning different countries may experience different levels of fallout from this. https://www.wetheunicorns.com/news/eu-pass-copyright-law-article-11-13/
  10. Man the Americans are so uptight, this is our humour in Australia. Take a look at the cartoonist's other work lmao, you should see some of the white politicians he draws, any feature they have that is accentuated to the max
  11. Recently there was a lot of controversy about plus size model Tess Holliday because Cosmopolitan put her in front of the cover and people are saying that it glorifies obesity and it's just as bad as glorifying anorexic models, but at the same time you have Tess Holliday saying that no one will look at that cover and say "Damn i wanna gain 300 pounds just to look like her i wanna become obese"... We went from celebrating anorexic models that would probably die from heart or liver failure to celebrating morbidly obese models who say health doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin. All the while disregarding the fact that she’s promoting a body image that will lead to heart disease or diabetes or both, it's also about obese people who want to try to get thinner seeing this girl being a model at 300 pounds will discourage them and they will think its okay when obviously it is not, and i say that as a fat person. Her message is specifically that people should feel good in their own skin. But that’s the wrong message because what’s underneath her skin and makes up probably more than 75% of her body mass is Fat. And one day what comes with that fat is going to kill her... Watching this video is like watching an heroin addict shooting themselves... i still think Tess Holliday can serve looks and looks absolutely spectacular and beautiful, but they still shouldnt promote that more pictures of Tess Holliday :
  12. It's already 9/11 here in Australia and every year when i see this day pop up the memories of where I was that day, the conversations i had and the conversations the people around me had come flooding back to me like it just happened yesterday. I remember waking up and walking into the lounge room and my mum and dad were both glued to the TV. They had been up all night. Dad used to manage a restaurant and the news broke at 11pm while he was still at work and he came home and told mum and they stayed up all night watching it. It was totally surreal watching replays of both buildings coming down and the second plane flying into the south tower. It was also all anyone talked about at school that day. I think a lot of people were scared even in Australia that we could be a target.
  13. There's an app in San Francisco where you can see the poop on streets hotspots Gotta love liberal utopias
  14. You may have heard about the efforts in Europe to reform copyright law. The debate has been ongoing in the European Parliament for months. If approved next week, these new regulations would require other sites to automatically filter and block content that we upload without meaningful consideration of our right to free expression. The suggestion to use automated filters for issues of copyright is short-sighted at best and harmful at worst. Automated filters are unable to determine whether a use should be considered “fair use” under the law and are unable to determine whether a use is authorized by a license agreement. They are unable to distinguish legitimate parody, satire, or even your own personal pictures that could be matched with similar photographs that have been protected by someone else. This kind of technology should NOT replace human judgment. Internet has always has been an open space for creative expression and information, and these new regulations would only make it harder for us to express ourselves with the freedom and retrieve information we need. YOU CAN FIND MORE INFORMATION HERE: saveyourinternet.eu IF YOU'RE FROM EUROPE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEPS, the mentioned site has all the info.
  15. EDIT: I just added internalized homophobia as an option. Vote if you feel it applies!
  16. This is so sad and revolting. I'm at loss of words tbh. These women have barely any rights, I mean... imagine living in a country that discriminates women and their rights like this? Tragic. More tragic is, this is what all these faux-woke feminists should be talking about, instead of being perched and triggered on Twitter 24/7. I'm all about feminism don't get me wrong, but issues like this NEED to be talked about. This video has barely a hundred views. All we do is turn a blind eye and pretend these countries and their problems don't even exist. We actually don't even have a single clue about what's going on there.. women being jailed/prosecuted for being raped or aggressed... that's the true (and sad) reality of the world right today. And nobody gives a single fuck. This is not smth people would be talking about in a conversation, this is not a topic that would be trending on Twitter (or any other social media), nobody would publicly speak against this country's absurd politics and their laws... while these poor victims keep on being taken advantage of and silenced against their will. Sad.
  17. So these are some pics I took of this guy I used to fancy's instagram complaining about the Promises video...apparently its really problematic... I just really want someone else's opinion on this because idk if I'm ignorant or what but I just think this is pointless whining over a video which celebrated gays/minorities...yet some people wanna tear it down with the cultural appropriation bullshite...LIKE DO YOU NOT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO WHY CANT YOU JUST ENJOY WE HAVE SOME REPRESENTATION FOR FUCK SAKE This really got me fucked up, I'm very open minded so I wanna hear y'alls opinions
  18. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2018/08/21/us/black-student-extensions-louisiana.amp.html
  19. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/08/28/health/std-rates-united-states-2018-bn/index.html Those sex doll brothels could be useful after all
  20. White gays seem to get a lot of hate online because of a few individuals amongst us who are extra and/or attention seeking. As if other races don't have those types of people
  21. Is it over? Watch this video. It’s scary A F what is happening to the west. I’m so glad I live in Australia with a conservative government tbh