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  1. HELLO AND WELCOME TO COP SURVIVOR SEASON 4: REDEMPTION ISLAND THE TRIBES @Dangerous Woman @Barbie @Avril Lavigne @AngryAzalean @Mr. Gorgeous @Diaboliq @Fly @Starboy @Woman Like Jesy @The Boy @Queen of Venus @Knowles 💎 @Heartsigh @Roobz @Treacherous Lovatic @JupiterArgus @kipperskipper @XxJTheBerrixX @neonnights @Jimmyxcx @Welat65 @SelenaFenty @Ahmed @Elusive Loverboy
  2. Each song starts with 15 points, subtract a point from one song and add a point to another. When a song reaches zero, it is eliminated and cannot be brought back. Don't post twice in a row. 1. Never Be The Same - 15 2. All These Years - 15 3. She Loves Control - 15 4. Havana (feat. Young Thug) - 15 5. Inside Out - 15 6. Consequences - 15 7. Real Friends - 15 8. Something's Gotta Give - 15 9. In The Dark - 15 10. Into It - 15 11. Never Be The Same (Radio Edit) - 15
  3. y'all know how to do it Drowned World / Substitute for Love - 15 Swim - 15 Ray of Light - 15 Candy Perfume Girl - 15 Skin - 15 Nothing Really Matters -15 Sky Fits Heaven - 15 Shanti / Ashtangi 15 Frozen - 15 The Power of Good-Bye - 15 To Have and Not to Hold - 15 Little Star - 15 Mer Girl - 15
  4. HALL OF FAME Four fantastic winners (so far), all had their intimate journey as they fought their way through the competition and snatched the crown of their respective Season, some slowly moved from being big flops in earlier seasons to winners as seasons went on, and some just slayed the competition from the get go and are a force to be reckoned with, nevertheless they each represent the spirit of COP Survivor and showcase the different talents of our players. Let's take a look at all of COP Survivor's incredible winners and their stories... Season I @The Boy The Boy knew what he had to do from the get-go. While everyone else in his season were confused and struggling to build alliances and maintain them, The Boy ran the game from the shadows and manipulated his alliances into getting his competition out, securing himself the crown of the very first season! Season II @kipperskipper kipper's journey was a very interesting one, after being eliminated early in the merge in the previous season, kipper decided to take the game seriously, he built several alliances, but they all proved to be unstable and eventually fell apart, so when time came to fight for himself, he started winning challenges and finding immunity idols, saving himself from elimination multiple times, and the jury recognised his hard work, crowning him as the winner of the second season! Season III @hammer hammer entered his first season clueless and confused, but ready to snatch the crown. He was a helpful asset to all of his tribes leading up to the merge, where he, and his then 5 person alliance, ran the game. Along the way, hammer won many immunity challenges and eliminated big threats standing in the way of his crown. Him and his closest allies, @Ms. Knee and @Black Beauty ?, battled it out for the crown in the final 3 that they promised to each other from the start, and hammer reigned victorious. Season IV @Head Above Water After flopping miserably in the third season, Old Ways was determined to show the players what he's made of - and played a TRULY iconic game, whether it was accidental as he claims or intentional - he had everyone on the edges of their seats at every point in the game, when he volunteered to be voted-off and came back through Redemption Island like a champ, or when he flipped between his alliances like a true snake - Old Ways gave the jury plenty of reasons to vote for him, but it was still a tight race right up to the final vote between him and @kipperskipper, and in the end Old Ways pulled ahead and was crowned the winner of the fourth season!
  5. Since the Sweetener era is pretty much over already, I suppose we should start this raindrops (an angel cried) - 15 blazed (ft. Pharell Williams) - 15 the light is coming (ft. Nicki Minaj) - 15 R.E.M - 15 God Is A Woman - 15 sweetener - 15 successful - 15 everytime - 15 breathin' - 15 no tears left to cry - 15 borderline (ft. Missy Elliot) - 15 better off - 15 pete davidon - 15 get well soon - 15 Placements
  6. FEMME FATALE SURVIVOR Y'all know the rules. Let's go! ? Till The World Ends 15 Hold It Against Me 16 Inside Out 15 How I Roll 15 (Drop Dead) Beautiful 15 Seal It With A Kiss 15 Big Fat Bass 15 Trouble For Me 15 Trip To Your Heart 14 Gasoline 15 Criminal 15 Up N' Down 15 He About To Lose Me 15 Selfish 15 Don't Keep Me Waiting 15 Scary 15
  7. Results: 15th - Hot as Ice 14th - Freakshow 13th - Outta This World 12th - Why Should I Be Sad 11th - Toy Soldier 10th - Perfect Lover 9th - Everybody 8th - Ooh Ooh Baby 7th - Radar 6th - Get Back
  8. Survivor for the album that spawned 6 #1 hits! I've rearranged the tracklist (removed the the remixes), and also will start every song with 10 points so the game goes faster. Here's how to play it's simple. Add one point to the song you like and take away one point to the song you dislike. Also please wait for someone to post after you before posting again. Have Fun! 1 Teenage Dream - 10 2 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - 10 3 California Gurls ft Snoop Dog - 10 4 Firework - 10 5 Peacock - 10 6 Circle the drain - 10 7 The One That Got Away - 10 8 E.T ft Kanye West - 10 9 Who Am I Living For? - 10 10 Pearl - 10 11 Hummingbird Heartbeat - 10 12 Not Like The Movies - 10 13 Part of Me - 10 14 Wide Awake - 10 15 Dressin’ Up - 10
  9. In this survivor game, you must take a point off a song and add a point to another song in the same post. Once a song reaches zero, it is eliminated. You must list all the remaining songs with their points in each post. No double posting is allowed (two posts in a row by the same person) . I will start each song with 15 points. 1. Younger Now - 15 2. Malibu - 15 3. Rainbowland (feat. Dolly Parton) - 15 4. Week Without You - 15 5. Miss You so Much - 15 6. I Would Die for You - 15 7. Thinkin' - 15 8. Bad Mood - 15 9. Love Someone - 15 10. She's Not Him - 15 11. Inspired - 15
  10. rules: -add 1 point to a song and subtract 1 point from a song once per post -you must wait until someone else posts before you post again (no double posting) Results: 16th - Early Mornin' 15th - Brave New Girl 14th - (I've Just Begun) Havin' My Fun 13th - Girls and Boys 12th - The Answer 11th - Don't Hang Up 10th - (I Got That) Boom Boom 9th - Me Against the Music 8th - The Hook Up
  11. 1.Marry The Night 15 2.Born This Way 15 3.Government Hooker 15 4.Judas 15 5.Americano 15 6.Hair 15 7.Scheiße 15 8.Bloody Mary 15 9.Black Jesus + Amen Fashion 15 10.Bad Kids 14 11.Fashion of His Love 15 12.Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) 15 13.Heavy Metal Lover 15 14.Electric Chapel 15 15.The Queen 16 16.You and I 15 17.Edge Of Glory 15
  12. you know how this goes! Living For Love - 15 Devil Pray - 15 Ghosttown - 15 Unapologetic Bitch - 15 Illuminati - 15 Bitch I'm Madonna - 15 Hold Tight - 14 Joan Of Arc - 15 Iconic - 15 HeartBreakCity - 15 Body Shop - 15 Holy Water - 15 Inside Out - 15 Wash All Over Me - 15 Best Night - 15 Veni Vidi Vici - 15 S.E.X. - 15 Messiah - 16 Rebel Heart - 15
  13. Rules: Subtract 1 point from a song you dislike and add 1 point for a song you like off this mixtape/album. Dreamer (feat. Starrah & RAYE) - 15 3AM (Pull Up (feat. MØ) - 15 Blame It On U - 15 Roll With Me - 15 Emotional - 15 ILY2 - 15 White Roses - 15 Babygirl (feat. Uffie) - 15 Drugs (feat. ABRA) - 15 Lipgloss (feat. CupcakKe) - 15
  14. Each song starts with 15 points, subtract a point from one song and add a point to another. When a song reaches zero it is eliminated. So baby, let the game begin. Also I hope ... Generic For Pop? loses Tracklist: ... Ready For It? End Game I Did Something Bad Don't Blame Me Delicate Look What You Made Me Do So It Goes... Gorgeous Getaway Car King of My Heart Dancing with Our Hands Tided Dress This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Call It What You Want New Year's Day
  15. Losing Grip - 15 Complicated - 15 Sk8er Boi - 15 I'm with You - 15 "Mobile - 15 Unwanted - 15 Tomorrow - 15 Anything But Ordinary - 15 Things I'll Never Say - 15 My World - 15 Nobody's Fool - 15 Too Much to Ask - 15 Naked - 15
  16. Each song starts with 15 points, subtract a point from one song and add a point to another and post the remaining songs with their scores. When a song reaches zero it is eliminated and cannot be brought back. Don't post twice in a row. 1. Revival - 15 2. Kill Em with Kindness - 15 3. Hands to Myself - 15 4. Same Old Love - 15 5. Sober - 15 6. Good For You - 15 7. Camouflage - 15 8. Me & the Rhythm - 15 9. Survivors - 15 10. Body Heat - 15 11. Rise - 15 12. Me & My Girls - 15 13. Nobody - 15 14. Perfect - 15 15. Outta My Hands (Loco) -15 16. Cologne - 15
  17. DEMI LOVATO CONFIDENT Survivor 1. Confident 15 2. Cool for the Summer 15 3. Old Ways 15 4. For You 15 5. Stone Cold 15 6. Kingdom Come (ft. Iggy Azalea) 15 7. Waitin' For You (ft. Sirah) 15 8. Wildfire 15 9. Lionheart 15 10. Yes 15 11. Father 15 12. Stars 15 13. Mr. Hughes 15
  18. Y'all know the rules already so I won't explain myself. 1. Your Love Is My Drug - 15 2. Tik Tok - 15 3. Take It Off - 15 4. Kiss 'n' Tell - 15 5. Stephen - 15 6. Blah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3) - 15 7. Hungover - 15 8. Party At a Rich Dude's House - 15 9. Backstabber - 15 10. Blind - 15 11. Dinosaur - 15 12. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - 15 13. Boots & Boys - 15 14. Animal - 15 - I'll start off, here's mine - 1. Your Love Is My Drug - 15 2. Tik Tok - 15 3. Take It Off - 15 4. Kiss 'n' Tell - 16 (+1) 5. Stephen - 15 6. Blah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3) - 15 7. Hungover - 15 8. Party At a Rich Dude's House - 15 9. Backstabber - 15 10. Blind - 15 11. Dinosaur - 14 (-1) 12. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - 15 13. Boots & Boys - 15 14. Animal - 15
  19. Rules: Subtract a point and add a point on each post for the song you dislike and like the most (respectively). 1. Warrior 15 2. Die Young 15 3. C'mon 15 4. Thinking Of You 15 5. Crazy Kids 15 6. Wherever You Are 15 7. Dirty Love (Featuring Iggy Pop) 15 9. Only Wanna Dance With You 15 10. Supernatural 15 11. All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) 15 12. Love Into The Light 15 13. Last Goodbye 15 14. Gold Trans Arm 15 15. Out Alive 15 16. Past Lives 15
  20. Rock N Roll [20] Here's To Never Growing Up [20] 17 [20] Bitchin' Summer [20] Let Me Go [20] Give You What You Like [20] Bad Girl [20] Hello Kitty [20] You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet [20] Sippin' On Sunshine [20] Hello Heartache [20] Falling Fast [20] Hush Hush [20] Ensue, sistrens!
  21. get into this 80s masterpiece ladies. Rules: - Give one point to one song and take away one point from one song in each post. - No double posting. You must wait until at least one other user posts before posting again. Tracklist: Lucky Star Borderline Burning Up I Know It Holiday Think of Me Physical Attraction Everybody
  22. you know the rules. Each song starts with 15 points, subtract a point from one song and add a point to another. When a song reaches zero it is eliminated and cannot be brought back. Don't post twice in a row. Down (feat. Gucci Mane) - 15 He Like That - 15 Sauced Up - 15 Make You Mad - 15 Deliver - 15 Lonely Night - 15 Don't Say You Love Me - 15 Angel - 15 Messy - 15 Bridges - 15 Positions/ Songs that are out.
  23. Each song starts with 15 points, subtract a point from one song and add a point to another. When a song reaches zero, it is eliminated and cannot be brought back. Don't post twice in a row. 1. Sorry Not Sorry - 15 2. Tell Me You Love Me - 15 3. Sexy Dirty Love - 15 4. You Don't Do It For Me Anymore - 15 5. Daddy Issues - 15 6. Ruin the Friendship - 15 7. Only Forever - 15 8. Lonely (ft. Lil Wayne) - 15 9. Cry Baby - 15 10. Games - 15 11. Concentrate - 15 12. Hitchhiker - 15 13. Instruction (w/ Jax Jones and Stefflon Don) - 15 14. Sorry Not Sorry (acoustic) - 15 15. No Promises (acoustic) (w/ Cheat Codes) - 15 16. Smoke and Mirrors - 15 17. Ready For Ya - 15
  24. Each song starts with 15 points, subtract a point from one song and add a point to another. When a song reaches zero it is eliminated and cannot be brought back. Don't post twice in a row. 1. Welcome to New York - 15 2. Blank Space - 15 3. Style - 15 4. Out of the Woods - 15 5. All You Had to Do Was Stay - 15 6. Shake It Off - 15 7. I Wish You Would - 15 8. Bad Blood - 15 9. Wildest Dreams - 15 10. How You Get the Girl - 15 11. This Love - 15 12. I Know Places - 15 13. Clean - 15 14. Wonderland - 15 15. You Are In Love - 15 16. New Romantics - 15
  25. COP SURVIVOR SEASON 4: REDEMPTION ISLAND Hey everyone and welcome to the new season of COP survivor! I am super excited to be your host and already know it’s going to be so much fun! So what is COP Survivor you might be wondering? It’s a crazy game that combines challenges, strategy, cunning, wit, and just about everything else! Here’s a quick overview! To start off, you will all be divided into 3 teams of 7 (or 8, depending on the number of players). Immunity Challenge Each day there will be an immunity challenge. These challenges will not be randomized so it's important to hop online if you can! The challenges will include questions, tasks, puzzles, and more! It's gonna get crazy! The team that wins the challenges wins immunity and is safe! The team that loses will be sent to.... Tribal Council At Tribal Council, the losing team will have to vote off one of their own! I will send out PMs after the immunity challenge and anonymously reveal the votes the next day! Tribe Swap you never know what Survivor is up to, this is an option that may happen or may not even happen during the season, where the tribe members are swapped between each other and the game goes on, you always have to be ready for it even if it won't happen. Merge This will continue each day until we merge! The merge does not come at a set amount of people, so you never know when it will happen. Once the merge occurs all tribal lines are ELIMINATED and mess ensues. It’s every man for himself from that point on. There will still be challenges each day, but they will be for individual immunity! Each night there will be a tribal council held where you will all vote to eliminate someone! Redemption Island That's right! This season will introduce this ICONIC twist to COP Survivor! Redemption Island provides an opportunity for an eliminated player to re-enter the game and continue their pursuit to the title of Sole Survivor. In order to do so however, eliminated contestants will compete in head-to-head challenges (known as Duels) in order to remain on the island and avoid permanent elimination. There are two re-entry points that take place whilst Redemption Island is in play. The first is at the merge, and the second point is at the Final 4, where the returning contestant becomes the 5th member of the Final 5. The "Duels" will occur an hour prior to the immunity challenge, every day. The winner of the duel will continue to the next one and the loser will be permanently eliminated, without any further chance to return. Jury and Final Tribal Council At a certain point, the jury comes into play! Once you are eliminated you will join the jury (if you make it that far) and eventually vote on the Survivor winner! When we get down to 3 or 2 people (you never know until the end) the top 3/2 will be declared and we will have our final tribal council! Here the jury will get to ask a question to the finalists. The finalists will be able to reply and show the jury why they think they outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the best! The jury will then vote and we will have our first winner crowned!!! Other Random Things! Hidden Immunity Idols These will pop up at random times in the game! I will announce them, but here’s the catch, there is no set way to how they are given out. It will usually be something random and will be given based on the thread replies (for instance, saying a certain word or letter or number)! Each hidden immunity idol only lasts so long but can be played or given to another player at the winner’s choosing! Legacy Advantages Similar to the immunity idols, legacy advantages will also be earned through some kind of a challenge in the thread and they function the same way as idols do when played at Tribal Council, albeit, they won't be effective in ALL tribal, that is because an advantage can only be used in specific Tribal Councils, players who find them will also be told when it can be played, and when it will stop being effective. If a player wielding a Legacy Advantage is eliminated any time earlier than the said day, they must will it to another castaway still in the game. Extra Vote & Vote Steal This vote can be played until there are only five contestants left. The player that owns it may vote for another player twice or vote for two separate people. It will be counted as any other vote, and may still be nullified by a Hidden Immunity Idol. The Vote Steal is a more powerful variant of the Extra Vote, the Vote Steal allows a player to prevent another from voting and take that player's ballot as their own. The player who invokes this advantage may vote for any other person with their second vote, including the person whose vote was stolen from. & more twists may be introduced along the way, stay tuned! RULES: 1. A large portion of this game is played DMs! Please include me in each one! If you don't, you will receive 3 votes against you the next time you are at tribal council and will not be able to vote! 2. Ummmm yeah that’s about it!!! Obviously no harsh name-calling and all that other good stuff still applies but yeah!!! Bring on the drama! NO portion of the game will be randomized, you will play yourselves and that's the fun in it! Sign-ups are now open! For now I'm limiting the number of players to 21, but if there's demand I'll bring it up! PLAYERS: