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Found 334 results

  1. Anyone else stan for god?
  2. Any other fans of this iconic UK Eurovision band here? Their new album last year was superb!
  3. Who else stans this X Factor legend? She was fab live!
  4. Who else stans for this iconic rap goddess?
  5. Who else stans for this iconic goddess of music?
  6. Stanbase for the talented and beautiful Melissa Vandella, better known as her stage name Avril Lavigne. Acting, singing, activism? We stan talent!
  7. Stanbase for the amazing Grammy award winning and multi-platinum country artist Carrie Underwood!
  8. Come here to discuss the legend Marilyn Monroe, an American actress model and singer. Some of her famous quotes Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love. Some of the movies she acted in And now the most interesting part Some of her songs she recorded Tracklist 1. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend 2. Some Like It Hot 3. My Heart Belongs to Daddy 4. When Love Goes Wrong 5. Bye Bye Baby 6. A Little Girl From Little Rock 7. River of No Return 8. Im Gonna File My Claim 9. She Acts Like a Woman Should 10. Kiss 11. Lazy 12. I Wanna Be Loved by You 13. After You Get What You Want 14. You'd Be Surprised 15. Heat Wave 16. Happy Birthday Mr. President 17. When I Fall in Love 18. A Fine Romance 19. Do It Again 20. Down in the Meadow Get into this legend
  9. Anyone here stan for Tina Barrett? I used to kiss a poster of her when I was a kid. She is a member of SC3 (S Club 3) but before reforming with the band, she had a solo career going with several singles released between 2009 and 2013. Here they are, get ready to drop that bussy and bounce!!
  10. Who remembers this iconic X Factor star? He slayed us wayback with this!
  11. Who else stans the beautiful goddess chanteuse of music, Amelle S Rosa (formerly Berrabah)? She rose to fame as Sugababes and has since released several singles and teased other songs! Her greatest is Love (Is All We Need) She stripped it back and slayed with Summertime
  12. This epic UK boyband are incredible, they have slayed countless generations with their epic music Come and join the Take That party today! You will not be disappointed!!!
  13. Fans of the girl-group reunite and get lost in endless discussion and celebration of this miraculous girlgroup who have touched the lives of many. R.I.P. Simone, what happened was so sad!
  14. Wow, where do I even begin with this hunky, sexy god of a man??? He is beautiful, his music is incredible and I love him so much! Come and stan Austin today, you won't be disappointed!!!
  15. Anybody else into this sexy, hunky God of music? I have stanned him for absolutely years and I love all of his music. He is versatile and has slayed many different types of music. He started out in Take That but he really came into his own as a soloist!
  16. Kelis

    This 00's queen has tons of certified bops! Here are a few examples:
  17. I think we can all agree that the most talented person in the music industry and perhaps any industry is Miranda Sings. She started off on Youtube releasing covers but has since branched out into a Netflix show Haters Back Off and writing best-selling books. Not only can she sing better then Mariah and Beyonce combined she also can act, dance, model and musician the bestest. She is also much more attractive then most of the models working today. Proof: Everyone who has taste and appreciates actual talent can post here. Mirfanda for life!
  18. Such an incredible performance by Miley. Her high notes at the end blow me away
  19. Milky Chance is a German folk group originating from Kassel. It consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein, DJ and producer Philipp Dausch, and guitarist Antonio Greger. Their first single "Stolen Dance" was released in April 2013, peaking at No. 1 on charts in multiple countries including Austria, Belgium(Wallonia), Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Poland, and Switzerland. It also won the 1Live Krone radio awards for Best Single. Their debut album Sadnecessary was released in October 2013, with singles such as "Down by the River". The album peaked at number 14 in Germany, and in 2014 SPIN named Sadnecessary their Album of the Week. SPIN further described the leading single "Stolen Dance" as a "serenely rollicking crossover jam," clarifying that "the great majority of Sadnecessary follows [the song's] pattern of low-octane beats and gently lapping guitar strumming." The band made their TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in October 2014, and also won the European Border Breakers Award that month. They started a tour of North America in late 2014,[1]performing at venues such as the House of Blues and festivals such as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Their most known singles: Down By The River: Flashed Junk Mind I love their non-commercial vibe. Their music relaxes me so much, I can't even explain. In my opinion, they are highly underrated. I love their cover of Wrecking Ball:
  20. I just searched all 11 pages and didn't a stanbase for her??? Lemme rectify that. #StreamSavior #GoddessWasSnubbedAsASingle @Indie Redux @AngryAzalean @almighty dweebz
  21. Get into the woke king of music Buy What Do You Think About the Car? on iTunes He wrote almost every track on his album by himself, and he's consistently supporting the LGBT+ community When will MiGONE?
  22. Stanbase for Rose Mulet stans aka the #MuLambs!
  23. Florence and the Machine are an English indie rock band that formed in London in 2007, consisting of lead singer Florence Welch, keyboardist Isabella Summers, and a collaboration of other artists. THE ALBUMS