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Found 54 results

  1. Hey guys I am so glad to see the site is picking up steam again, big things in the pipeline! Legggoooooooo!!! @Members @Moderators @VIP @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP Moderators
  2. Hi everyone. I'm back (kinda) by necessity. In the couple of weeks that i left the site witnessed a LOT of drama caused by a trouble maker from the 2.1 millionth ranked site in the world who is trying to lure people over there by causing drama HERE. Anywho, Alexa has the tea Sara So anyway, we're not totally innocent. There's a shit tonne of drama in the mod team at the moment and i'm stepping back up to the plate to sort out the colossal mess. Going to take on @Daydream's suggestion and @AmazingAzalean's suggestion to give more training to new mods and make rules easier to follow and clearer. We also need to completely overhaul the mod team and here's where I've gotta get tough. I need ALL @Moderators to re-apply for their positions and also for any one who is interested in becoming a Moderator to apply. All existing Mods should tell us why they're essential to the mod team and what their key achievements have been. The new and improved team will be announced in 2 days so everyone get their re-applications/applications in ASAP! @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators @Members Also, still looking for my replacement but we might have to put that on hold for another little bit while i sort out this shit.
  3. Hello, A lot has happened here while I was sleeping but the only thing I can discuss and take responsibility for is member MSL's ban. I understand people have been hearing different things and ganging up together so I think it's time for me to address the issue myself and explain. He was previously banned for several months so when I was requested to unban him I wanted to make an agreement with him that he will stay out of drama and not instigate anything, until I guess he proved to be back not for the sake of drama. Two weeks later, after he got muted in Marnie's discord room, I guess out of spite, he posted an expose thread of Marnie's tweets, and I'm not excusing what was said in them, it just was done solely for the purpose of "exposing" her to COP. That was after doing a similar thing in another thread to another member earlier. It was clear it wasn't going to end if we didn't put an end to it so I took it upon myself to ban him again. I was questioning my decision later when I kept getting shit thrown at me from everywhere but the admins discussed it and we think it was the right thing to do in this situation. You can agree or you can disagree, that's fine, just do it in a respectful manner and only in this thread, I don't have any intention to drag this out any longer. If you have any GENUINE questions you can ask them here and I'll try to answer. - OMG @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS @VIP @VIP Moderators
  4. We've had 16, 800 posts with still four days left on the calendar of January. Can we hit 20k? It would be lovely to be more than double the lifetime posts of a certain ghost town in just one month I'm so so proud of us for getting back on our feet like this. Exciting times ahead for COP in 2019!
  5. This is such an emotional moment for me. For those that don't know, we had a lot of internal drama on the forums in September 2018 which led to our image being tarnished and people not believing in the stability of the admin/mod team which ultimately cost us a LOT of activity. I struggled to see a way forward and it's taken us four months but we're finally starting to get back to where we were. This week we've had 6000 posts (and today is still not over so we could hit 6500!). This is the highest posting week since early September 2018. I am so happy to see a return to form for this forum because i truly believe in it. We're unique and we'll never be replicated despite being duplicated. We've had to jump over so many obstacles (evil haters) just to get back here but now we've done it and the sky is the limit! WACOPDA FOREVER!!!
  6. December we hit 15, 066 posts Rise up COP, this is the beginning Also, if we continue our current daily average throughout January, we should hit somewhere between 15, 000 and 20, 000. Which will obviously be incredible! September 2018: "COP will be a thing of the past in two months" December 2018: *COP reaches new three month posting high* Poor haters, especially since we more than double their lifetime posts in just one month
  7. Hey all, Since last week you might have noticed our site may respond slow, you get an 500/503 error or the site doesn't load at all. Our site is being targeted by some people with ddos attacks, today i got beyond pissed that i decided to install CSF. CSF is the best in the firewall business, And we hope the attacks are getting stopped by this. It could take up to a few hours before we get our full speed back. We love you all and we are striving to give you all the best of the best. Lots of love from, Church Of Pop staff
  8. I know top 500, 000 doesn't seem that great but a simple google search reveals there are over 1 BILLION websites online. So effectively we're in the top 1% of websites. How cool is THAT? https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/churchofpop.net @The Velvet Ron If you want to help COP's standing increase more as we move into the ultra competitive top 500k, then you can help with the following: * When pop culture news is breaking, post it ASAP on the forums. Try to include actual information instead of just tweets and factual, accurate titles that will catch people's attention. * Help keep the chart section updated, these threads bring in the most traffic. * Link and RT threads on twitter
  9. Over the past month we've seen a drastic downturn in activity because the site was plagued with server issues which means most of our members couldn't access the site and prior to that we had a lot of drama which resulted in the loss of my fellow two admins, most of the mod team and a bunch of members. I'm now pleased to say we're almost back at the pre-drama/server issue era, today we're at 900 posts and counting. Our daily average was 1000 in August/September, so we're almost back there sistren. I'm so proud of us. Talent really does win! Not all forums have that
  10. This is a thread for me to update you guys when new emoticons and stan badges are added from now on To request emoticons or stan badges, you may use these two threads: Your requests may be added when they reach 10 upvotes (for emoticons) or 20 upvotes (for stan badges).
  11. After two users sent in their concerns about this profile our team did quick and extensive research and found an IP match on just four posts to @ThatDude which had IP matches to @petedagrk. This user is the notorious banned member affectionally known on pop forums as "Pedo Pete". We ask this member to stop signing up profiles to our website. You make us extremely uncomfortable and it's odd that we were discussing you so harshly on here and you responded in those threads pretending you knew nothing. We apologise to our members for not having banned him sooner but when someone acts unproblematic, we generally don't look into the profile unless we get a suspicion that it's a dupe and i'm usually good at picking up on writing styles but he evaded my suspicion this time. Also. he's actually a very boring poster without much of a personality so I guess that's another reason why I just didn't take any notice of him.
  12. Should we host a daily album listening party on the forums? We could just do it in the artist's stanbase threads to liven them up a bit. Basically we would start at a specific time and then all listen to the same album together and post live commentary on it.
  13. Hello everyone, i hope you're all well I come to you with some troubling and disturbing news to say the very least. The owner of another forum has been making fallacious statements about me being a "pedophile" (this has LONG been debunked and it was born from me making a comment 2 years ago just before Brooklyn Beckham turned 18 where I simply commented on a thread of his and said "cute". It was a non-sexual comment and there was NOTHING sexual about it. SJW's of course did their thing and here we are). How do I know he's been making these comments? Today he exposed his personal account on here @NicoleRichiePurpleHair.jpg and posted a now deleted thread claiming I was a pedophile (without receipts of course because they simply do not exist). Why did he do this all of a sudden you might ask? Because a week ago I exposed HIS forum of being a safe haven for pedophiles after I exposed him promoting a well known pedophile on pop forums to their moderator team (after he had THREADS ON HIS OWN FORUM FROM VICTIMS BEGGING HIM NOT TO). Now since his forum has declined and fallen under our forum on Alexa web traffic, he's desperately trying to save face and put the pedophilia thing back onto me when you cannot find someone on DETESTS and ABHORS pedophiles and pedophilia more than myself. So Sean, your lies end here once and for all. You are the one who supports pedophiles and out of the two of us, I'm the only one who has receipts because receipts for the claim YOU made do not exist and never did. P.S. Here at COP we take underage member's safety very very seriously. If an older member is sexually harassing you then message one of our admin team immediately with receipts and action will be taken promptly. @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods @Newbies @Members @Administrators @Section Moderators
  14. Heey guys so I wanted to give you guys a quick explanation for the COP Anniversary theme. The COP Anniversary theme is our default theme just for today. We staff thought it was a nice way to celebrate. And if you werent a COP member since the very beginning, you can now have a taste of how the site used to look like when we first started! If you were, it might bring up some nice memories! If you dont see the theme as your default yet, you probably need to reload the forum. If you really dont like the theme you can change it by clicking theme at the bottom of the site and choose the theme you want.
  15. Trophies These are automatically added by the system when you reach a certain milestone regarding posts, upvotes or even time you've spent on the forum. Upvote Milestones Post Milestones Time Milestones Profile Milestones Medals These must be manually added by mods and admins. If you become eligible for one of these, let a mod or admin know so that they can add it to your profile! Achievements: Acknowledgements: COP Award Trophies: Other:
  16. Meet the Moderators of Church of Pop forums! If you report something, we are ready to help you as soon as possible, with the administrators. We will do our best to act the way we should. We want everybody to feel welcome and safe here. We are there to answer any questions you have about the forum. Feel free to send one of us a message. Do you want help quickly? Contact someone that is online at that moment. In the thread below, each Mod answered some questions so you can get to know them better! These are the questions they answered! 1. Whats your name? 2. Where are you from? 3. Who do you stan? 4. Whats your favorite movie? 5. What do you think of this forum? 6. What is something you'd like to see in the future of this forum? 7. Why did you become a Moderator? 8. Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself? We hope you have a great stay in Church of Pop forums! @Moderators @VIP Verified Mods
  17. A few trolls outside of the forums like to spread fake news and propaganda about the site's performance since they've been banned for vileness/bullying/racism, so i'm just here to remind them (and y'all) that COP continues to soar to new heights in 2018. We love a four month posting high 45, 500 posts in May Thanks to all our loyal, supportive members. We look forward to hitting 50k this month. #Leggo
  18. Heey sistren! You might have noticed that the Members group now got a green colored name! This has 2 reasons: - We want to make clear who is in which group - We believe in rewarding posting. Which is what we've always done with the VIP groups! But we want to give the newbies the feeling of that system at the very early stage! I hope I've informed you guys well about this update. If there are still any questions, feel free to ask! To give you guys an idea of the colors: @Members
  19. Some people seem to be confused on rules here and consistently break them and then act *faux shocked* when they get WPs and then run to the status updates to express such faux outrage. We at COP believe in minimalistic governing and don't believe in breathing down your necks, however when you've been here a hot minute and you're consistently breaking rules (and this includes posting guidelines) then don't act surprised when you get WPs and have a breakdown over receiving them. We believe in keeping the site looking presentable and welcoming to potential new members so that is why we will issue WPs if we feel your content is a threat to this concept and we've given you chances before to amend your behaviour. If you have any questions about the rules (COP RULES) then ask them here. And there's no need to be snarky in this thread or start drama because i'm frankly not here for that at the moment. Thanks.
  20. Greetings COPers. COP is currently in a unique position being the go-to pop music forum for guests and google search traffic results. We are attracting unprecedented traffic and gaining up to 30 new members a DAY. This is a dramatic improvement over our first 9 months online. To help continue gaining traction, we're asking all fans/stans to post more about their fave artists! The more news you post, the more other stans will post, the more guests will likely want to sign up and partake in discussions or newbies that haven't posted yet or are inactive might want to post! A good place to post about rumors/gossip/social media related stuff/general artist discussion is in their stanbase thread! You can also make friends there and help make your faves stanbase thread more popular! Celebrity News is a great place to post about trending/breaking news about celebrities.... or new candids.... or perhaps a photoshoot of your fave. Music News is where we talk strictly about the latest music releases and tours, so make sure you help keep your faves thread updated there too! And Chart Central is a very important section, it is the least posted in section yet gets the most traffic (views per thread from search engines). We are really looking for some valuable chart experts/chart buffs to contribute more! We hope you all start contributing a bit more because ultimately it just makes the site more fun for EVERYONE! And we have a new custom home page coming on our first anniversary in a few months so we'd really like to improve post activity to about 2500 posts a day by then on average (we're currently at 1500 a day but peaking above 2000 on good days). Thank you all and see you around the forums!
  21. As many emotes are added to the system on a daily basis, some members of staff and I agreed it's time we have an emote purge and delete some emotes that are rarely used to make room for newer ones. Mostly with the help of @Salvatore, we have a list of emotes that we either rarely see or think could be deleted. Now, here's where YOU have your say! Our chosen emotes are posted below and you guys get to choose which ones you think should be kept and saved from the emote purge! After a few days of this thread going live, emotes with around ten votes will be kept and those that receive little love on the poll will be deleted from the system. VOTE NOW!
  22. Hello all. I'm looking for three entry level moderators to join our expanding team. These are section moderator positions and should you prove yourself in 3 months time, you may be promoted to our global moderator team I'm looking for moderators for the following sections: Music News Chart Central Celebrity News You will be expected to keep thread titles up to date, keep the section clear of duplicate threads (lock and move duplicate threads to wasteland), help keep the section as active as possible and deliver fresh new content The Chart Central one is really important, we're looking for someone who knows their STUFF to help take this section further. Chart/sales statistics and weekly chart updates bring a LOT of traffic to the forum and we're at a stage now where we have enough users constantly on the forum that we can bring a lot of discussion to these threads! With Music News, we're looking to make the section more organised by only have one album discussion thread per artist (their current or forthcoming era) and only have threads for singles when their is an official announcement. We also want to start merging music video threads into the single threads just so there's not several threads for one single. Essentially, the section you become a moderator of will become your baby and you need to help it rise up like a lotus! You should be passionate about the section you are applying to be a moderator of, active EVERY day (preferably at least 6 hours online periodically), you will be skilled in english and have a good standing on the forums Please apply to me via private message. I will handpick the new moderators myself, you don't need to suck up to me, I just want people who will do a good job. - Admin @VIP @VIP Verified @Members @Newbies @Guests
  23. With all three new sub-sections doing incredibly well (ZERO Charts, COP Critic & ARTCOP), we want to keep the ball rolling and keep this forum growing and going more international. K-Pop is controversial. Ya either love it or loathe it. However, K-Pop stans/fans are incredibly devoted and loyal to their faves and there is an abundance of them on social media. Should we introduce K-Pop sub-sections for several of the music sections? I personally think we could start off with a three K-Pop sub-sections in Music News, Music Base and Stanbase. They would have smaller links on the main page in the section descriptions. I think we'd need a good core group of dedicated K-Pop stans to get this section off the ground, so i'll be putting out some promotion on PopCrave as well as sending out an email to our existing members (some K-Pop stans might be in in hiding on here ) RESULTS TO POLL CLOSE IN ONE WEEK EXACTLY WHEN I'M BACK FROM BREAK.
  24. Guys we're going to have to get tough and start giving warning points now for these deliberate type of threads especially in the music sections since we have now configured automatic updates for new threads onto our twitter, facebook and tumblr accounts. The members/people following these accounts don't need to be clickbaited over and over with deliberate and misleading thread titles like "Rose Mulet just got a #1 album on iTunes" which was posted in the charts section. This is not an infringement of your freedom on the forums, this is about the prospering and growth of the forum which this impedes on. We want this forum to deliver accurate information and news so our members return and don't continually feel like they're getting clickbaited so please refrain from doing this from now on @VIP @Moderators @Section Moderators @VIP Verified Mods @VIP Verified @Newbies @Members