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Found 104 results

  1. Hi, missed me? She's back, better. Wiser and tasteFUL the ever. Anyways, yes im back woohoo slay!
  2. Idk if making a thread for this is too extra or if anyone remembers me but it's me, fka DUTCHESSDREAM, fka Poppy Of COP, fka One Of A Kind. I just wanted to say that I have decided to return fulltime, so yeah, that's it, see you in the threads, bye
  3. Hey it's me again. See i forgot my password so I had to make a new account 🤣 For those of you who don't know me, my name is Nick. I'm Australian, 20 years old, bisexual, aspiring actor who loves pop, rock music and ballads. I'm a returning member who really enjoys coming here because I feel like there's a lot of things I can relate to you guys with that I can't with people irl. People I stan in no particular order: Demi(my #1), Ariana, Xtina, Britney, Kelly Clarkson, Normani, Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Jessie, p!nk, Adam Lambert, Nicki, Miley, Sam Smith, NF, Selena and more. I like to stan pretty all pop girls since I personally feel like people shouldn't put them against each other especially when the industry is so anti-pop right now. That's pretty much it, feel free to leave a description of you below and if you have any questions ask away.
  4. Lurking, bc I don’t honestly have anything much to say. It’s been a while .... Anyway, dropping in to check up on y’all, see how you’ve all been. I hope y’all had a great end of 2018/beginning of 2019. I do miss y’all a lot. Momma Bear/Blue Sunshine
  5. so hello i tagged this as returning member cuz i had made this account a year ago but used it one every like 6 months kskskssk so yeah i never did a proper introduction so here it issss hopefully we can all be friends What is your name? my name is juan or juano, it depends whether u wanna sound more formal (former) or casual (latter) so u can call me either 🤪 Where are you from? i am from puerto rico (island gyal island gyal) Who do you stan? these days i mostly stan mariah carey and ariana grande, but i also stan lady gaga, cupcakke, marina diamandis, and camila cabello Do you have any other hobbies? twitter Is there anything else you'd like to share? buy Caution
  6. Hi everyone, I've already made an introduction for myself some time ago but now I'm back here! I do stan sooo many people and we can talk about anyone! I also make my own music, you can check "antolex" on Spotify if you want to. By the way, I'm making a new project for this summer and if anyone wants to collaborate with me, just tell me and we can find a song that can fit us but I won't be able to give money, because I don't get money making music, it is like a hobby for me. I hope I'll keep this time and never going from here!
  7. SO.... the things you guys just saw is true. Your favorite ex-global-moderator/resident navy is back. the real DESPERATE of this house is HERE. I know, a lot of things happened and the last week before i deleted my account was a MESS. But i'm always open for a brand new start, open to let all these trash go away. I missed "some of you". It's been the craziest month of my life after i deleted my existince from this site but i wanted to make a little cute return now. For helping me to stay calm during all of this mess happening, i would like to thank my lovely friends who are currently on the other site, Manuela and the most importantly @Ahmed Love you all. And by the way: No, i'm not gonna try to be a mod again for those who are curious about it. But my existince and also legacy will stay *HERE* Ugh, my new era is here.... finally. Hope to chat & spill some hot tea with you soon With love, -Desperado
  8. Imagine streaming services disappear one day. Good or bad for our time?
  9. Guest

    Old time member.

    Whew. This site is still up and running? Shooketh! But some of y’all won’t know who I am but it’s 25 from COP 2015 days. Currently on A T R L... whew, I come from the days of Basedkatyperry, Lady Gaga. #whencopwasababy but y’all look clean. Good luck see y’all on A T R L p.s. Idk how to delete an account here so your mods can do that.
  10. irene


    I’m here bitches 💋✨
  11. So, I finally got a new Laptop and have nothing to do, which made me think about y'all. I don't know if y'all remember me or not , tbh it's been a while lmao. I was involved in some messy times and alot of meltdowns (not on my part btw. ), but I decided to come back due to boredom. I can't tell how active i'm going to be but we'll see about that! It's nice to be back.
  12. hey guys, i haven't been online in a while, but i realized that i made this account exactly one year ago and wanna be more active. there's not much to say about me, i stan and i stan hard. here's a little quick list on who i stan...educate and humble yourself ladies! A Soliman: been obsessed with him for a while and i think he's hot, sue me . time for poc male artist to enter the pop world. i stan. Sabrina Carpenter: a cute ass pop queen who's coming for all your favs. watch out for her. Kim Petras: that pop vocalist. cannot wait to hear more from her (skip to 2:12 to hear her sheer awesomeness. eye.con). Noah Cyrus: one bop after the next, an icon. Daya: underrated. consistently overlooked. served two bops this era. Sigrid: underrated good artist. Other artists I stan HARD but currently have enough recognition so do not need this extra promo: Alessia Cara, Sia, Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, All of 5H, Little Mix, Jess Glynne, Ariana, Kesha i love charts, i love pop girls, i am ready to be here. come talk to me if we have similar tastes in music or if you just wanna talk! bye guys
  13. Hello everyone! I’m not new to COP, I was a very active member few months ago and I’m not sure if anyone remembers me but I want to announce my grand return. Few months ago I hit a wall, I couldn’t handle a lot of stuff going on in my life at the current time. I have depression and well my highs are extremely high and my lows are extremely low. So I had to take a break from just about everything in my life and got sorta reclusive. But I want to come back and join cop once again. I’m sad I missed the Ari and Nicki releases but I’m kinda glad because both aren’t really THAT great, let’s be real girls. I’m excited to be back, also stream Bloom because Troyes my bitch and he deserves it. Love all of you!
  14. I returned yesterday after a long absence from the forums, hey y'all! I stan the people in my sig, and I'll probably stan Denis Stoff when his new album comes out. I missed this forum lowkey.
  15. Hello laid ease I've come to spill the tea. My name is Chris I use to be a member of COP back in like 2015 & 2016. Stream Bangerz btw
  16. hi everyone, i'm travis! i'm half new/half returning member. i joined back when COP first opened in 2015, but eventually requested an account ban for whatever dramatic reason i had at the time. but hey, times have changed and i made the decision to come back and give it another chance here. i'm 25 (26 in october). i stan britney, miley, kesha, lana, loona, blackpink, red velvet, and love a whole bunch more artists, too. feel free to ask about your fave and i'll give you my opinion~
  17. hello hennies and hunties. i used to be a member / mod for 2.5 seconds in the old COP and decided to come back today to kii with y'all. i'm 19. i stan legends like gaga and grimes and weeknd and kendrick lamar, but i bop to any song regardless of who sings it. i'll fix my profile and all that later today. have a nice day y'all.
  18. Hello I am Chris I am 20 years old (21 next month), a gay male, Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande stan. I also stan other talent like Demi, Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and a few others. I'm ready to spill the TEA
  19. hi girls! my name's gabriel and i'm obsessed with pop culture my favorite girls are demi lovato, britney spears, zara larsson and hilary duff follow me on twitter at @tragicgabriel
  20. Hey sisters! It has been a while since I have been on but I am back I am Marek (@artpopprince) and I came to make a little promo for my new EP + this time I want to stay a little longer, befriend som queens and have some fun! So who wants to be my friend? xoxo And here is my EP so please give it a try ladies
  21. Hi, i'm danni. i'm a mj, bey, jt and bruno enthusiast and i love the 1980s. i'm a nice girl trust me i don't bite
  22. Jakey

    Hey Girl(s)

    Hey Ladies it's Jake I missed y'all I stan Gaga, Kesha (she's returning so y'all better support her ) and BANKS
  23. Anathema


    Hello everyone.I was a VIP member on old COP. My name is Anathema. I love twenty øne piløts. I stan them hard and I think that they have awesome and meaningful lyrics. I used to stan Miley Cyrus. Now, I don't stan her anymore. I do love her but not stan level. I stan Paramore, Portugal. The Man, MUSE, Imagine Dragons, The Offspring, Dua Lipa, Maroon 5, Troye Sivan.