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Found 178 results

  1. She's been out with her therapy class already and Dianna said that she's happy and healthy im very happy to see demi getting back to normal I hope things don't go back to 2012 all over again :c just an opinion.
  2. How are yall letting Bindi and Robert get famous? They're insufferable
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/sep/04/they-just-wanted-to-silence-her-the-dark-side-of-gay-stan-culture The way they dragged us for filth.
  4. Pop culture has been kinda dead this year. However, there's been a few controversies along the way. Here's a list : - Nicki's meltdown - Lana's Israel backlash - Ariana groped on live TV - Cardi B and Offset - Madonna and ha messy VMA speech anything else
  5. For me it's Femme Fatale, Born This Way, ARTPOP, Animal, Electra Heart... I'm sure I'm missing some but those are the one I can remember for now. What about you ?
  6. Mine is Donald Duck.
  7. So what's the tea? Most of us can agree stan culture peaked from 2011 till about Bangerz in 2013. Most of our pop titans had material out that period, and afterwards western pop stan culture declined and flatlined. Concert figures overall dipped, so has pop culture forum activity across the board. Fanbase power in general is also declining in western pop with the advent of streaming services and stream-equivalent-sales that rely on GP's approval. Do you think stan culture can even have another renaissance? What will it take for stan culture to rise again? Is it when the hip-hop and nostalgia trends end? Do we need our pop titans to come back at the same time? Or do we need new pop girlies to break through and usher in a new wave of fans? Or are we admitting defeat and letting the kpoppies take over? What are your thoughts?
  8. We don't have an iconic tennis thread so I thought I'd make one in case we have a stan or two on here. Serena is slaying and back!
  9. When if the race war happens and you have the option to save one colonizer woman, are you then going to save save a woke pop star who does activism and philanthropy for some POC causes, or are you saving someone who's been minding her own lil caucasian business all this time and means no harm? Who are you saving, and why? Whose wonderbread household would you be looting from during the purge? Discuss! Surprise surprise I'd save Carly Rae Jepsen. Also Taylor Swift better amp up the security in one of her mansions...
  10. I've been telling y'all for YEARS (this includes the old forum too) that the roach was a vile, vile human being who only cares about chart success and will throw any woman under the bus if they come in the way of her being a "Queen" (in her own head lol). Now the general public and y'all have finally caught up Indie wins AGAIN! I'm anticipating the day when she's put into a padded white van and then put into a padded white cell and cuffed to a bed so she doesn't try and destroy the padding The end isn't nigh. It's HERE!
  11. It's crazy to me that i see some stans doing this after they get blocked by their fave from social media. Like, where's the self respect? P.S. This isn't about anyone on COP.
  12. Holy shit this video spills some HOT TEA! @jackgrande - thoughts?
  13. Today the pop twink turned 20. Let's give him a great bday.
  14. Which popular YouTuber consistently puts out low-quality content? I sure do have a couple of names in mind also inb4 someone mentions a vevo channel of an artist they don't like. if you want to drag an artist at least come up with something original hngggg
  15. Shawn Men<3s Justin Bieber Daddy Orlando Bloom Liam Hemsworthy Nick Jonas
  16. Hey COP! How ya doin tonight? I have recently gotten into contact with a very lovely bottom male pop star and scored an exclusive interview! All in the name of COP! Brought to you by our very own, Salvatore! Let's get this show on the road Hey Shawn! How you doin today? Salvatore: Don't know what the fuck that means but great! You better stay awake for this though; paid a lot of money for you , anyways lets get down to the questions! What's your favorite song of all time? Salvatore: Great taste! What an underappreciated bop Shawn! You get bonus points you cutie you-have you met anybody recently? Any new beaus? If so, where did you last fuck them, if- you can answer of course! Wow! Nashville really? really Shawn..Nashville? really. Regardless, what does (s)he look like? Any hints? Salvatore: That's a really..good.. picture, Shawn. Let me guess- is it Nick Jonas. Salvatore: Really! What a surprise! You heard it here first readers, Shawn Mendes has JUST revealed who he's been with recently! So, Shawn- how do you feel about Nick? Opinions about him or what he is to you? Salvatore: Okay! So here are some things everybody has been wanting to know! Are you a top- or a bottom? Salvatore: ....Really Shawn, you sure? both? Sure about that? Salvatore: Yes Shawn we been knew! Thanks for confirming this to us! - How do you feel about foreplay before a sexual encounter? Salvatore: Once again proving some taste! These gays honestly don't know what sex is beyond a 2m30s cardio! Now, what's your favorite scenario/dialogue to play out? Is it primal and sexy? Maybe laidback and innocent? Salvatore: I-, we- . Fun! Really great answer, shawn...Opinions on being choked/manhandled, maybe even by Nick? Salvatore: Ooooh! You kinky little flop you! Do you have any plans to hook up with somebody soon? Salvatore: Exciting! Lets tone it down a bit here, I'm sure our readers might be a little on edge after all this exclusive COP information, brought to you by COP's very own, Salvatore - what's the worst song you've ever heard by your least favorite artist? Salvatore: More taste, absolutely incredible. We sure are lucky to have you here with us tonight Shawn! Whats the absolute dumbest mistake you've ever made? Be honest Salvatore: At least you know you'd be better off at Shawn Cody like the rest of us do. Well, I think it's time we start wrapping this up, we here at COP cannot thank you enough for stopping by Shawn! What's a good song you'd like to recommend the good people here at our site? Salvatore: What a fantastic end to a fantastic interview! Like I said just previously thank you, have a wonderful weekend- and you still down to send those nudes and hmu tonight Salvatore: This is Salvatore, reporting from COP HQ, have a great night you flops and fads! Lana Del Rey is skinny!