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Found 370 results

  1. You may see a further glimpse into who I am in my Poetry corner. First of all It's fucking 2:42 am, and what am I doing up this late? I'm up writing motherfucking poetry. What on God's green earth is wrong with me? Nothing nothing at all I'm blessed. Here is my most recent poem that I wrote. Dancing with Misery- A Poem By the King of Crescent. With each day that passes in my life without a lover, Misery who I do my best to fight, just grins at me, tightening its smother. She dances with me on the daily, and won't stop, not even when I tell her to fuck off. If being single is so great than why Why the fuck am I not happy? Is it because I need pussy? Of course I do. Most people need intimacy, and desire grinding their loins with another person. However, what I need is love, but yes I need that too. I am a sappy romantic guy. Who could woo you with a poem from my brilliant inquisitive mind. I mean isn't that what a lot of girls like? But I don't want any, unless I love you. My first time has to be special, and there's nothing special about giving my v card to some bitch I barely know. Though I must admit sometimes I really really want to. The question that runs through my head each and everyday is this. How will I know when I meet you, the one? Or if you even exist? I won't. I'm a vile pathetic wretch, who hasn't even had his first kiss. This is what my darkest and most negative thoughts in my head tell me at least. They say I'll know when I do But I really doubt that's true That's like a joke. Life isn't a fucking tv show. Although it does have its cliffhangers. So that is my biggest fear, that you my darling don't exist. That I will die alone and never have a first kiss. But I can't let my fears eclipse my chances at happiness, no I won't. Just kidding about Janet Jackson @MSL game has impact.
  2. The melancholic tropic-bop that never got to see the light of day deserves some appreciation. You may all recognize the contents of the song from Track 10. That's because she just re-used the acapella and RUINED it. Show some love for the oppressed-by-her-label pop queen of the underground! Another hit that got away
  3. On July 2 , COP officially turns 1 year old. I think this should be a cause for a celebration What would you like us to do as a forum and how should we celebrate? If you have any ideas lemme know below. ALSO: I will be hopefully doing a fresh round of promotional slots on major twitter accounts, possibly a youtube channel. To achieve this we do need some donations (if you can help out then please use the donation box. If you donate $25 or more you will qualify as a VIP verified user ). You will also get a little 'donator' icon on your profile. For the promo slots, i would also like to use a new video. Something similar we used when we launched like the one below: If you would like to make a promotional video for our 1st birthday then please DM me so we can consult. Let's make this a group effort y'all
  4. I love this song so much it's one of the best songs on her debut album Eyes Wide Open imo. It's even better live that's why I posted this version.
  5. Blue are amazing! They have a lot of bops I can't wait to see them Sunday at the Steps tour
  6. These two songs are bops!! Starstruckk just came on shuffle
  7. I love this song so much! ❤
  8. Now that I'm back I can officially reveal the results to the love chart! 85 members are featured in the chart and I shall begin the countdown below!
  9. I love this song so much ❤ I personally think it's the best song on 'Glory' ⭐
  10. rihce

    Sexy Lil Thug

    a throwback BOP from Bey!
  11. Hello, I'm your host, dweebz and this is the first season of CoP's STAN WARS What is "Stan Wars" you ask? Good question, Stan Wars is a battle to see who the greatest, most knowledgeable stan is for a particular pop star/group. Stan Wars consists of many different competitions, one for each artist. Each competition will have 15 different unique challenges. Your goal? Get the most points! In the event of a tie, the players with the most scores will go into a tiebreaking 16th round. Think about it like the Olympics. One day will consist of two-three artist competition (depending on contestants availability). Well, which artists are up for grabs? Another good question, any artists really. Actually, any pop/K-Pop/indie pop artist. (Sorry Dennis) BTS is the only K-Pop band that is being accepted (sorry) Ok, this seems really fun! How do I join? All you gotta do to sign up is put the artist you want to represent (there is a cap of TWO artists per user) with when in the day you are free for about an hour. So pick the ones you know you can win! As long as an artist has 3 or more contestants its a go! The cap for each artist is 12. (I think the only artist who may hit that cap is Ariana) FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE So, what do the challenges look like? The challenges will span from things like "finish the lyric" to "whats this music video". From hard artist trivia to whacky tasks you have to complete. The 15th challenge will always be "Create an album cover" with a specific theme. You will have only 15 minutes to complete that challenge. Judging will be done by me. Spectators are always welcomed! Artists and Contestants So, do you have what it takes to be the greatest stan? Start date: May 20, 2018 A schedule will be posted for the ENTIRE event May 19, 2018 Please follow all of Church of Pop's TOS, not following the TOS may involve disqualification from all competitions.
  12. or atleast what were you doing, what did you felt or where you were when gaga dropped the iconic 2009 VMA Paparazzi performance?Discuss
  13. 1. Cry Baby - 15 2. Dollhouse - 15 3. Sippy Cup - 15 4. Carousel - 15 5. Alphabet Boy - 15 6. Soap - 15 7. Training Wheels - 15 8. Pity Party - 15 9. Tag, You're It - 15 10. Milk and Cookies - 16 11. Pacify Her - 14 12. Mrs. Potato Head - 15 13. Mad Hatter - 15 14. Play Date - 15 15. Teddy Bear - 15 16. Cake - 15
  14. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WyhLkvRMMYmjtmtW7oLs8QrsTsX40GDIfn-JkHp3nqo this is the writing sample i sent to the mfa program i want to get into. i have too many poems so this is just 15
  15. Does anyone remember this unreleased bop?
  16. The way he looks at Ariana is so cuteeeee and you can tell they are really in love He also was waiting for Ariana the next day at the airport after the manchester attack and cancelled a show he had that same weekend just to comfort her
  17. hhaha one of the cutest moments of Denis I swear :.) a beautiful acoustic performance 2:01-2.20 for the cute moment if u dont want to watch full thing
  18. I thought it'd be fun to have a thread where people can share trashy songs for shits and giggles.
  19. So it begins. Welcome to the premiere of COPcathlon. The goal is quite simply to obtain the most points. Each round you will be awarded up to 100 points with a possibility of bonus points. Round 1 will be posted in about 12 hours. Make your red carpet entrances here. Good luck ladies! THE 10 EVENTS: Know Thy Judges Song Scavenger Hunt Celebrity Yearbook How’s That Line Go Again? Lyric Factory Pop Star Puzzles Let’s Make A Video! Soundtrack DJ Cover Girl Relive the Moment Contestants: @MSL @Dirkje @almighty dweebz @Oh My Gaga @hammer @Dangerous Woman @KingOfCrescentLovatic @The Boy @Maren Swift @Sempiternal @Nicki Minaj @MISS CAMARADERIE @LANDlover @Blue Sunshine @One Of The Boys Judges: @kipperskipper @Black Beauty @badgallaura @Breakdown @shmeur
  20. Hello everybody! My name is Dirkje and I will be the host of this live event! Its time Church of Pop shows it has talent! Just like the shows we know from TV it will be live. The only difference will be that this is gonna be online! Story of how it began: One day @shmeur said in a post in Random Thoughts that he would love to see an event like this. But he didnt want to host, he wanted to be a contestant. So I saw the thread and said it was a great idea and agreed I would host it. Of course a big event like this needs some preparation. And because I have Autism and find it hard to do big things like this alone, I have found an amazing team around me. Those people will also be the judges. But for the preparing process they helped me with the ideas and make sure I made the right decisions. Everything for a nice evening of COP entertainment! How will the event look like? My intention is to let you feel like you are being in a real Got Talent show with the only difference being this being online. The event will be live so will be the judging. I'm the host and will present the contestant. The contestant posts his or her act his/herself. Then the judges begin judging. There are 4 judges who will judge the act only. Even if they know who the act is by. If 3 or more judges gives green light, that will mean you are through the next round. I think there will be an audition round and a final round. Just like the real show on TV there is also a public. The public can show their appreciation by upvoting. The public in COP will be the watching users. (Watchiing users are COPers that are interested to watch but didnt send anything) The public opinion might in fluent the judges, but only the judges can decide who they put through and who not. The judges are @L U K E @hammer @Black Beauty and @jackgrande What kind of acts am I allowed to submit? Any kinds! It could be you recording a song, a comedy act. You posting a story you wrote, a poem. Or maybe graphics, photography, drawing, or anything else you'd like to show. This is an unique chance for you to show your talent other than a single thread! How can I sign up and submit? You submit by PMing me the following: I would like to.......... No more information! I just need to know what you're doing so I can make sure the show will be fun and variable! I will not tell the judges so that they dont know anything and the judging will be pure and honest during the show. I also wont be telling in the thread you signed up. Just so the judging will be honest. Any questions? Feel free to ask! DEADLINE: You have a month to prepare something! The actual show will be somewhere early April. Last but not least, I really need to thank @Trainwreck for the amazing banner he made! Any details on the show and exact dates will be revealed later this month. Be creative and show us your best!
  21. I want to start my own thread where I can post shit I write. It's not really songs or poetry, but it's writing out how I feel, that could possibly translate to a song, or just random shit smashed together. But it makes me feel better when I'm in a depressed state to push out what I feel, instead of holding it in.
  22. I doubt anybody will read them, but they're free for now, so enjoy theme before I publish them, which will hopefully be sometime this year. Wagers Short Black Mirror-esque story about a casino. The Shadow in the Sky Second-person POV farm horror with an M. Night Shyamalan twist. Sisyphus in a Lobster Trap Young merman ballet dancer discovers a strange jack-in-the-box with a genie inside. Pedigree Satire about rich, WASPy parents who wake up confused to their surroundings. Jungle Fever Pop culture parody in the form of a fictional pop star's warrior-inspired music video. "Very hilarious" - Skinny COP Icon @MSL The Maiden and the Mountebank A con man falls in love with an African princess (and her wealth). Two Is Better Than One Telepathic mimes enlist a talking dolphin to join their circus. Word Bandit experimental trash tbh A meta story about somebody stealing words from the story. My novel (a trippy fantasy) and novelette (a gay Cinderella parody) are on Amazon if y'all care.
  23. Oh, wow! I don’t think anyone in the world saw this coming. #Sarcasm. We reported to you in April 2017 the marriage of a 78-year-old, Retired Priest, Philip Clements, and 24-year-old model, Florin Marin. The newlyweds took the LGBTQ media by storm due to their incredible large age difference and meeting on a gay dating website. Did anyone really expect them to have a happily ever after? As many expected, their marriage is ending. According to LAD Bible, immediately after purchasing a home for his husband, Clements is now homeless and strapped for cash after blowing his money (and probably so much more) on Marin. Clements tells that Marin allegedly treated him so poorly, would stay out partying all night, and made the pair move to a country where he didn’t even speak the language. Before their marriage, Marin allegedly was an angel and virtually a fairytale prince. Looks like the tables have turned the moment Marin got what he wanted! Clements tells: “He said I wasn't allowed to go clubbing. It wasn't for old people. In my heart I didn't accept it, but I trusted him. I left very sadly and very unhappy. My friends in England were telling me I should leave him but I left with a very heavy heart. He came with me to the airport. I've lost everything really. I've lost my house and was in a poor state. I stayed with friends on alternate weeks until I was given a granny flat attached to one of my friend's houses.” Jeez! I almost had tears in my eyes reading that. It’s clear that someone may have been extremely taken advantage of because one other person didn’t have the mindset, ambition, or intelligence to support themselves. I wish the couple the best, but I don’t expect us to be writing about their 5 Year Anniversary or something positive. Let’s hope they both find peace and happiness. It’s obvious they both need it. Source Male model, 24, breaks silence after splitting from vicar, 79, revealing he’s found new love with wealthy businessman Male model Florin has moved on to wealthy dad-of-one Jeronimo Jesus de Vega, 48 — and boasted of late-night partying and splashing his cash. Florin even admitted that he "likes the money" de Vega can provide, saying: "He is more wealthy than Philip". Speaking to local media in Romania, he said: "Philip knows, I told him I found someone. He said that he would not want to keep in touch with me." Florin said his new partner is "a very wealthy man, has been married to a Romanian and has a little 13-year-old girl who lives with him." He added: "He has some business, he is more wealthy than Philip. "He knows very well that I like the money. I told him all about my husband." Florin said he was "pleasantly surprised" when he first meet de Vega, who he met on Facebook and asked to pay for plane tickets to meet face-to-face. He said: "He waited at the airport with white roses. "After that, we went to a gay club in Alicante, drank and went to his house and slept together". Source Florin:
  24. Oh My Gaga

    PART 2

    Dear survivor, I see that you made it past the first part, congrats! But don't expect it to get easy now... Decode the next message to find out what you have to do for your next task: