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Found 391 results

  1. Synopsis Once Upon a Time, in a far far far town there lived a rich business man called Mr Garcia. He was the richest man in the entire island of Trinidad and Tobago owning 6 of the biggest businesses across the Caribbean. Mr Garcia was a fine man, tall, well built, dark and handsome mid 40's man. He was very articulate and charismatic. The women loved him and he was what you call a player. Mr Garcia had children for 7 different women all of races and colours. He had children for Ms. Regina George, Ms. Tiffany Pollard, Ms Shay Mitchell, Ms. Tamar Braxton, Ms. Lily Singh, Ms Wendy Williams and Ms. Chanel Oberlin. They all had 3 children each. One night the maid discovered that Mr Garcia was murdered in his bed, the investigators found out that it was his girlfriend Ms. Miranda Sings who killed him after they had sex, apparently she was frustrated because he did not want to have children for her. When cleaning the house after his funeral the maid found a will behind his dresser, it stated that only 1 of children were to receive all his earnings of his entire career from his various bank accounts, the others will receive his 3 houses to share. However the will did not state which child would be the be one to inherit all of his money. Thus this created WAR to be the one to earn all the cash and riches because his children we not satisfied with receiving only a house and 1 receiving a handsome amount of money, they all saw it as unfair, thus the race for his 3B began. Game Play 1) Everyday at a particular time, there would be a challenge where immunity can be won, the winner of the challenge will pm me 4 persons who he/she would like to be up for elimination 2) There would be an election everyday to vote out one of the 4 children selected by the challenge winner via pms, the child with the most votes out of the 4 will no longer be in the running to be the heir of Mr Garcia and thus will be eliminated. 3) All alliance pms must add the host or else there will be a penalty. 4) All contestants will be given a name 5) You are only allowed to call each other by your game name in the game thread or else there will be a penalty. 6) There will be some surprises to come 7) 21 players 8)Final 3 will face off in a final challenge 9) Eliminated contestants will decide the top 2 10) One winner will be chosen based on overall game play and score. Objective and Aim- To be the last person standing and get rid of all your siblings. @Newbies @VIP @VIP Verified @Section Moderators @VIP Verified Mods @Moderators @Administrators @Members
  2. COP's Next Songwriter: Season 1 Welcome to COP's Next Songwriter. Throughout the next couple of weeks you will be competing with 10 other players to prove that you are the best songwriter on this whole forum. Every Monday I'll post and audio and a theme. You will have until 12 PM on Friday night to send me your lyrics. You send them with timestamps and the artist or artists you envision singing/rapping the song. During the weekend me and the other judges will evaluate and rank your songs. The results will be posted on Monday and the person with the least points will be eliminated. If you steal lyrics from other songs, you will be instantly eliminated. That doesn't mean you can't take a line or two from another song or poem, but if you start taking whole verses or even more, you will be eliminated.
  3. Can you believe shortly before this performance, this woman said she didn't want to sing anymore? She went on to deliver one of the most vocally challenging performances in her entire career, for which she rehearsed for months and gave a universally acclaimed performance that received a standing ovation (at 4:03) I think Bradley was particularly impressed by this performance that he gave her an Oscarworthy role, he can be seen clapping at 4:17. I've said this before, I'm so grateful to the Academy (whoever decided to let her do this) for giving her a chance and believing in her. Gaga is the pop megastar known for hits like Bad Romance, Poker Face wore a meatdress, got puked by an artist, bled to death, who on earth would have thought that she could pull this off? honestly. Cried. She proved she’s not a normal pop star
  4. I don't sing the whole song just the end of it. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0zDrekHElvd
  5. So I came up with a mini rap song and I recorded myself rapping it. Just a little experiment. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0HnFIPOeVLe
  6. rihce

    Sexy Lil Thug

    a throwback BOP from Bey!
  7. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0VcUDzAf811
  8. I don't think I've seen any threads about King Princess. Have any of you listened to her? Sis popped OFF with vocals and also is a queer artist!
  9. mariah flawless xtina shooked adele shooked
  10. I think I'm a VIP now so it got me reminiscing about this forgotten tune.
  11. COP's Next Songwriter: Season 1 The concept of the game is pretty simple. Every Monday I'll post an instrumental/beat and a lyrical theme. Players will have until Friday to send me their lyrics, with the name of an artist they would envision singing/rapping the song. Me and three other judges will review and rank the songs over the weekend and post the results on the following Monday, along with the new instrumental and theme. Each judge will give a song a certain amount of points, ranging from 0-10. The player(s) while recieve the lesser amount of votes will be eliminated from the game. The amount of people we eliminate each round will depend on the amount of people who sign up. If players steal lyrics from other songs, they will be instantly eliminated. That doesn't mean you can't take a line or two from another song or poem, but if you start taking whole verses or even more, you will be eliminated. If two people are tied and have the same amount of votes, the judges will just vote between the two. If you want to be a player then just ask to sign up in the thread. If you have questions please ask, because I probably forgot to explain a couple of things. Voting will end this Sunday and the game will begin on Monday. There is no specified time for the beginning of each round, but lyrics must be sent by 0:00 EST on Friday. Judges Players
  12. I decided to do a full cover of a Taylor song this time, sorry about the background noises, my cousins are loud asf. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1v911gYxrQg
  13. Well since @MSL and a few others said my voice was decent I sung part of Dear John by Taylord Swift. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0RrBDcYSeQe I ought to take lessons though.
  15. i LOVEE this song and is so underrated plus it has demi's highest note (whistle)
  16. this is so funny do you know another album cover that has been consored?
  17. You may see a further glimpse into who I am in my Poetry corner. First of all It's fucking 2:42 am, and what am I doing up this late? I'm up writing motherfucking poetry. What on God's green earth is wrong with me? Nothing nothing at all I'm blessed. Here is my most recent poem that I wrote. Dancing with Misery- A Poem By the King of Crescent. With each day that passes in my life without a lover, Misery who I do my best to fight, just grins at me, tightening its smother. She dances with me on the daily, and won't stop, not even when I tell her to fuck off. If being single is so great than why Why the fuck am I not happy? Is it because I need pussy? Of course I do. Most people need intimacy, and desire grinding their loins with another person. However, what I need is love, but yes I need that too. I am a sappy romantic guy. Who could woo you with a poem from my brilliant inquisitive mind. I mean isn't that what a lot of girls like? But I don't want any, unless I love you. My first time has to be special, and there's nothing special about giving my v card to some bitch I barely know. Though I must admit sometimes I really really want to. The question that runs through my head each and everyday is this. How will I know when I meet you, the one? Or if you even exist? I won't. I'm a vile pathetic wretch, who hasn't even had his first kiss. This is what my darkest and most negative thoughts in my head tell me at least. They say I'll know when I do But I really doubt that's true That's like a joke. Life isn't a fucking tv show. Although it does have its cliffhangers. So that is my biggest fear, that you my darling don't exist. That I will die alone and never have a first kiss. But I can't let my fears eclipse my chances at happiness, no I won't. Just kidding about Janet Jackson @MSL game has impact.
  18. Hello, I'm your host, dweebz and this is the first season of CoP's STAN WARS What is "Stan Wars" you ask? Good question, Stan Wars is a battle to see who the greatest, most knowledgeable stan is for a particular pop star/group. Stan Wars consists of many different competitions, one for each artist. Each competition will have 15 different unique challenges. Your goal? Get the most points! In the event of a tie, the players with the most scores will go into a tiebreaking 16th round. Think about it like the Olympics. One day will consist of two-three artist competition (depending on contestants availability). Well, which artists are up for grabs? Another good question, any artists really. Actually, any pop/K-Pop/indie pop artist. (Sorry Dennis) BTS is the only K-Pop band that is being accepted (sorry) Ok, this seems really fun! How do I join? All you gotta do to sign up is put the artist you want to represent (there is a cap of TWO artists per user) with when in the day you are free for about an hour. So pick the ones you know you can win! As long as an artist has 3 or more contestants its a go! The cap for each artist is 12. (I think the only artist who may hit that cap is Ariana) FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE So, what do the challenges look like? The challenges will span from things like "finish the lyric" to "whats this music video". From hard artist trivia to whacky tasks you have to complete. The 15th challenge will always be "Create an album cover" with a specific theme. You will have only 15 minutes to complete that challenge. Judging will be done by me. Spectators are always welcomed! Artists and Contestants So, do you have what it takes to be the greatest stan? Start date: May 20, 2018 A schedule will be posted for the ENTIRE event May 19, 2018 Please follow all of Church of Pop's TOS, not following the TOS may involve disqualification from all competitions.
  19. I doubt anybody will read them, but they're free for now, so enjoy theme before I publish them, which will hopefully be sometime this year. Wagers Short Black Mirror-esque story about a casino. The Shadow in the Sky Second-person POV farm horror with an M. Night Shyamalan twist. Sisyphus in a Lobster Trap Young merman ballet dancer discovers a strange jack-in-the-box with a genie inside. Pedigree Satire about rich, WASPy parents who wake up confused to their surroundings. Jungle Fever Pop culture parody in the form of a fictional pop star's warrior-inspired music video. "Very hilarious" - Skinny COP Icon @MSL The Maiden and the Mountebank A con man falls in love with an African princess (and her wealth). Two Is Better Than One Telepathic mimes enlist a talking dolphin to join their circus. Word Bandit experimental trash tbh A meta story about somebody stealing words from the story. My novel (a trippy fantasy) and novelette (a gay Cinderella parody) are on Amazon if y'all care.