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  1. Since my old poetry corner was archived i have to make a new one. This poem is called Dying Light. I wrote it two weeks ago during my public speaking class. It's always an experience when you're listening to a lesson and ideas suddenly start filling your head. I'm always like oh shit, yes! But I wrote this poem about my non existent soulmate. I used to be a dying light. sulking in the dark hoping that someone would claim my miserable heart. You waltzed into the room unwavered by the dark You danced gracefully then made your way over to me. You tapped my shoulder and the warmth of your aura began to take me over. I was once a dying light but you gave me your love, vanquished the black ink that was strangling my heart. I used to be a dying light but now I'm shimmering I'm burning bright
  2. Sempiternal

    Best Of 1996

    I make these weekly or every 2nd week! I been doing 90s lately! Throwback 90s kids
  3. You may see a further glimpse into who I am in my Poetry corner. First of all It's fucking 2:42 am, and what am I doing up this late? I'm up writing motherfucking poetry. What on God's green earth is wrong with me? Nothing nothing at all I'm blessed. Here is my most recent poem that I wrote. Dancing with Misery- A Poem By the King of Crescent. With each day that passes in my life without a lover, Misery who I do my best to fight, just grins at me, tightening its smother. She dances with me on the daily, and won't stop, not even when I tell her to fuck off. If being single is so great than why Why the fuck am I not happy? Is it because I need pussy? Of course I do. Most people need intimacy, and desire grinding their loins with another person. However, what I need is love, but yes I need that too. I am a sappy romantic guy. Who could woo you with a poem from my brilliant inquisitive mind. I mean isn't that what a lot of girls like? But I don't want any, unless I love you. My first time has to be special, and there's nothing special about giving my v card to some bitch I barely know. Though I must admit sometimes I really really want to. The question that runs through my head each and everyday is this. How will I know when I meet you, the one? Or if you even exist? I won't. I'm a vile pathetic wretch, who hasn't even had his first kiss. This is what my darkest and most negative thoughts in my head tell me at least. They say I'll know when I do But I really doubt that's true That's like a joke. Life isn't a fucking tv show. Although it does have its cliffhangers. So that is my biggest fear, that you my darling don't exist. That I will die alone and never have a first kiss. But I can't let my fears eclipse my chances at happiness, no I won't. Just kidding about Janet Jackson @MSL game has impact.
  4. Happy Pride Month everyone! I have created a Pride Music playlist for Spotify, but I would like to hear from you: WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE PRIDE HITS THAT ARE NOT IN THE PLAYLIST? 🌈🎶❤️
  5. Hello Everybody, I am Your Host ACT2 & Welcome to the first ever COPNTM I Will Be Looking for COP's Most Fashionable and Fiercest Model! I Will Be Hosting The Results After Each Round which will be revealed at 9:30 Arabian Standard Time (That's 1:30 PM EST) I am Also Looking for 2 Judges! One Will Handle Submissions and One will Judge The Looks so if you are interested in judging @ me NOTE: you cannot participate as a model in the game if you are going to become a judge JUDGES: Me @SweetSapphicScholar @Salvatore @Mr. Gorgeous So How Do We Play? Easy! Each Round You Will Be Given a Theme, you will use the celebrity you signed up with and submit a photo within 24 hours to me after each round is revealed, the amount of time it lasts will depend on the number of people who signed up. is the Registration Open? As Of Now: CLOSE (Until 5 - 10 Players Join) What Are The Rules? Everyone Starts off with 10 Points if you receive an OUT from a Contestant you will lose a point if You Receive a SAFE from a Contestant you will gain a point JUDGES POINTS: 1 SAFE = 2 POINTS | 2 SAFE = 4 POINTS | 3 SAFE = 6 POINTS The Person With The LEAST Amount Of Points (Judges + Contestants Combined) will be Eliminated. Vote Fairly and don't let Hatred of the Celebrity Affect your Decision Votes will be submitted Via Google Form Posted Every Round VOTINGS ARE ONLY OPEN FOR 24 HOURS IF YOU SUBMIT LATE YOU MAY HAVE A HIGHER CHANCE OF GETTING ELIMINATED Participants: Eliminations:
  6. CHURCH OF POP MUSIC WARS | SEASON ONE | RECORDING STUDIO Welcome! Here is the official thread for COP's Music Wars Season One! In this thread you can discuss and debate with each other over the Billboard Charts! Here is where the themes will be announced as well! The COP Music Wars | S1 | Chartsis where charts will be posted, highlighting the winner and eliminated contestant! MUSICIANS
  7. CHURCH OF POP MUSIC WARS | SEASON ONE | CHARTS Welcome! Here is the official charts! Stay tuned for updates!
  8. CHURCH OF POP MUSIC WARS | SEASON ONE | SIGN UPS WHAT IS IT? Music Wars is a music based game where players must select and submit a song that follows the rounds category. Players will battle it out over the rounds to come closer to the prestigious #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Yearly Artist Charts! The game can have anywhere from 8 - 16 players with each player controlling an unique artist! HOW IT WORKS? It's simple! I will post a category such as Love Songs, Best Live Performance or Dance Songs and every player must send a song from their artist that is suitable. Players will then be ranked on the charts with someone ranking #1 and someone ranking at the bottom. The player at the bottom will be instantly eliminated with a possible chance at redemption in future. HOW TO SIGN UP Simple! Just post the artist you would like to control! MUSCIANS Ariana Grande // @Dangerous Woman Kylie Minogue // @Oh My Gaga Rihanna // @Gratitude Lady Gaga // @ACT2 Taylor Swift // @Treacherous Swiftie Blackpink // @MAGIC LAND Katy Perry // @Rainbow 💫 Marina // @phoenixstar Gwen Stefani // @AmazingAzalean Whitney Houston // @Lynk Madonna // @Burning Up Avril Lavigne // @Mocha Mariah Carey // @Elusive Medellín HAIM // @Cherry Cola Kesha // @Tana Mongeau Madonna // @Gotta Be Iconic Janet Jackson // @Ahmed Beyonce // @i am chiron. Christina Aguilera // @Medoner The Official Game Is Set To Start On May 3rd
  9. Now that Lemonade is available on all streaming services, and since we haven't had a listening party in awhile, I've decided to host one this Saturday at 5 PM EST. I want to try to bring this forum back to what it was originally about - the music. Not the drama. Not politics. Music. So anyone who is interested, show up here! @VIP Moderators @VIP @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @Verified VIPS
  10. How embarassing It's just sad
  11. Welcome to the second edition of COPVision Song Contest! This event is inspired by the real-life Eurovision Song Contest where the different European (and some other) submits an original song to be performed on live television, then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the winner. INSTRUCTIONS & RULES Sign up to represent a country. Post the country you want to represent in this thread. Any country is accepted, even countries outside of Europe. First one to sign up with a country will get to represent it, and no other player will be able to sign up with the same country. Be quick to choose the country you want before someone else does! PM me your chosen song. This song obviously has to be from an artist or group from the country you chose to represent. The artist or group you choose can't be well known worldwide! If you submit an artist I feel is too well known I will tell you to choose another. But as long as you choose an artist/group that hasn't had any major hits or success worldwide you should be fine. RATING STAGE Once all entries are submitted, I will post them all for participants to rank. You have to rank your top 10 songs, awarding points of 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 (this may change depending on the number of participants). You are not allowed to give points to your own country/song. THE RESULTS Once all of the songs have been revealed and every participant have submitted their rankings, a big finale will be heald where I will be revealing the results! All players and non-players are welcome to take part in it. I will work my way from the bottom and work my way up until the big winner is revealed! If you have any other question, don't be scared to ask! You can start signing up now PARTICIPANTS @Ahmed | Ukraine ✓ @YUNGSTOFF | United Kingdom ✓ @Black Beauty 💫 | Trinidad and Tobago ✓ @Elusive Loverboy | South Korea ✓ @Venus | Australia @Lynk | USA ✓ @Winter Bird | Japan ✓ @Tana Mongeau | Russia ✓ @Oh My Gaga | North Korea ✓ @Dangerous Woman | Sweden ✓ @The Boy | Norway ✓ @Opium | Romania ✓ @Gotta Be Iconic | Germany ✓ @AmazingAzalean | Finland ✓ @King or Queen | Cyprus ✓
  12. They were huge in the UK when they first debuted. They had quite a few hits; And their biggest hit... They only put out 1 album, and they were active from 2013-15... so pretty short. Idk why they broke up, but they had Bops!! The only member to have made a name for herself is Shereen Cutkelvin. She appeared on 2017's UK Xfactor with her brothers under a new band called The Cutkelvins. The group made it to the live shows and I think are signed to Syco... but havent done anything since. Hopefully we hear more from them
  13. I doubt anybody will read them, but they're free for now, so enjoy theme before I publish them, which will hopefully be sometime this year. Wagers Short Black Mirror-esque story about a casino. The Shadow in the Sky Second-person POV farm horror with an M. Night Shyamalan twist. Sisyphus in a Lobster Trap Young merman ballet dancer discovers a strange jack-in-the-box with a genie inside. Pedigree Satire about rich, WASPy parents who wake up confused to their surroundings. Jungle Fever Pop culture parody in the form of a fictional pop star's warrior-inspired music video. "Very hilarious" - Skinny COP Icon @MSL The Maiden and the Mountebank A con man falls in love with an African princess (and her wealth). Two Is Better Than One Telepathic mimes enlist a talking dolphin to join their circus. Word Bandit experimental trash tbh A meta story about somebody stealing words from the story. My novel (a trippy fantasy) and novelette (a gay Cinderella parody) are on Amazon if y'all care.
  14. Okay COP sweeties! I know we got users from all over the globe, who like music from all over the globe. Here's how Music Trade-Off goes: 1. Sign up 2. You are randomly assigned a partner 2. You and your partner send each other a list of 10 songs, each from 10 DIFFERENT music acts (please include links to the songs from youtube or something) 3. Listen to your partner's songs, write a review for each song and rate it 1-10 4. Post your reviews in the thread here Typically for this, we'll do different THEMES. Let's do something simple. 10 songs that were released in 2018. Try to make it songs that the other person may not know! It can be singles or album tracks. Just need an even number of people, up to 20. You get FIVE days to compile your list and send it to your partner, and FIVE days to do your reviews. It's just for fun, ain't no winners, but don't sign up if you ain't gonna follow through and review! PARTNER ASSIGNMENTS @Tana Mongeau & @Oh My Gaga @Winter Bird & @Black Beauty 💫 @neonnights & @ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍs @Barbie & @MISS CAMARADERIE @Burning Velvet & @Daydream @Minaj à Trois & @Drag Me Out @Venus & @Daydream @Elusive Loverboy & @hotshot Create your list and PM it to your partner. You can post your reviews here, you can do it one by one, two by two, all in one, whatever works for you. Aim to have your lists done and sent by January 29 And your reviews done and posted by February 3 Excited to see what y'all got
  15. https://www.smule.com/recording/taylor-swift-back-to-december-back-to-december-acoustic/1940295457_2843684009
  16. I always say this but I don't think this is my best I've sounded better but whatever. Lmao http://www.smule.com/p/1940295457_2839725481
  17. It's sad how her most of her biggest era get criminally overlooked. Unless you're talking about Vogue or Ray Of Light(album), this decade is mostly ignored by the general public and even some Madonna stans completely ignore that decade. Y'all seriously need to put some respect of 90s Madonna cause her creativity and music was at it's peak.
  18. Due too lots of requests this section has been added. In here you can talk world issues, politics, religion and even more. we added a password so people need to agree to see the posts we did this because people complained about various religious based posts and regarding the controversial trump presidency, this way you need to agree to participate/read and therefor you can't complain about what you see here. The same rules applies as anywhere else on the forums.
  19. Hey all, We wanted to let you know we have reopened the possibility to post new topics to ask for help or let us know how to improve our site. We found the other system too hard to track so we brought this back also because our mods find this more easy. You can use the following tags: HELP NEEDED, FEEDBACK, SUGGESTION and OTHER Also let us know with the other tag if you found a bug or glitch. We hope we can build a stronger community this way. We want to grow again so please help us! Lots of love from the Church Of Pop team.
  20. Currently occurring: Legends Panel (Artists Edition). Hosted by @Leona's Dupe Legends Panel (Members Edition). Hosted by @Leona's Dupe COP 2nd Annual Grammys. Hosted by @Black Beauty 💫 COP Xmas Secret Santa. Hosted by @Oh My Gaga Scheduled: January 2 - Majority Rules (new season). Hosted by @AmazingAzalean January 2 - Big Brother (new season). Hosted by @Elusive Loverboy January 2 - COP Vision (new season). Hosted by @Diaboliq February 9 - COP 2nd Annual Grammys CEREMONY. Hosted by @Black Beauty 💫 February 14 - 2019 COP Member Awards. Hosted by (@Drag Me Out) To Be Confirmed: COP Drag Race Season 4. Hosted by @kipperskipper Create A Label. Hosted by (TBA)
  21. https://rave.dj/s6ukki9elKv0eQ @Avril Lavigne S N A P P E D
  22. Welcome to the 2nd Annual Church of Pop Grammy Awards hosted by yours truly, Black Beauty. The awards show will most likely be held on the 9th February, a day before the actual Grammy's. Last year we saw winners such as Lorde, Katy Perry, Camila Cabello,Nicki Minaj,etc went home with awards. This year who will be the most nominated and most awarded artists? Well we shall see! Here is how this is going to work. There are going to be 3 steps! Step 1- Submissions Stage ( this is where users submit various artists,songs and albums in the various categories) Step 2- Nomination Stage (this is where the top 5/6 artists are chosen from each category, each member have to choose 3 options each from the submissions list and the submissions with the most nominations will be in the final 5/6) Step 3- Voting Stage- (this stage is self explanatory, each user will vote for 1 option to win the particular category) then the show will take place Dates for Steps Step 1- December 13th- December 28th Step 2- January 4th- January 18th Step 3- January 21st- February 7th Awards Show- February 9th The following are the categories for the 2nd Annual COP Grammy Awards For the first step you have to PM you all of your submissions in an orderly fashion, please let it be easy to understand and title your pm so I can easily find it. The eligibility period for the COP 2nd Annual Grammy Awards is October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018 Pick wisely and may the best talent win! Please meet the deadline, you guys have a lot of time to do this.