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Found 431 results

  1. Ho, ho, ho - hello boys and girls, did you know it's almost Christmas? Well a great way to celebrate the holiday season would be a Secret Santa gift trade across Church Of Pop! So how does it work? Very simple! Everyone who signs up will have to MAKE a present for another player that's participating, and will also RECEIVE a gift from another player (chosen by a randomiser)! - If you'd like to participate, help out your santa by posting the following information below: Your username Your favourite colour A short list of your interests (Music, hobbies, TV, Film etc.) - The gift must be virtual/fictional. Do not spend any money on your gift. No personal information is to be given out. Example gifts: You have until Tuesday, December 4th to sign-up, and the names will be drawn the following day and sent to you via PM. - Santa’s Naughty List - So join and be festive!!
  2. Currently occurring: Legends Panel (Artists Edition). Hosted by @Leona's Dupe Legends Panel (Members Edition). Hosted by @Leona's Dupe COP 2nd Annual Grammys. Hosted by @Black Beauty πŸ’« COP Xmas Secret Santa. Hosted by @Oh My Gaga Scheduled: January 2 - Majority Rules (new season). Hosted by @AmazingAzalean January 2 - Big Brother (new season). Hosted by @Elusive Loverboy January 2 - COP Vision (new season). Hosted by @Diaboliq February 9 - COP 2nd Annual Grammys CEREMONY. Hosted by @Black Beauty πŸ’« To Be Confirmed: COP Drag Race Season 4. Hosted by @kipperskipper Create A Label. Hosted by (TBA) 2019 COP Member Awards. Hosted by (TBA)
  3. Welcome to the 2nd Annual Church of Pop Grammy Awards hosted by yours truly, Black Beauty. The awards show will most likely be held on the 9th February, a day before the actual Grammy's. Last year we saw winners such as Lorde, Katy Perry, Camila Cabello,Nicki Minaj,etc went home with awards. This year who will be the most nominated and most awarded artists? Well we shall see! Here is how this is going to work. There are going to be 3 steps! Step 1- Submissions Stage ( this is where users submit various artists,songs and albums in the various categories) Step 2- Nomination Stage (this is where the top 5/6 artists are chosen from each category, each member have to choose 3 options each from the submissions list and the submissions with the most nominations will be in the final 5/6) Step 3- Voting Stage- (this stage is self explanatory, each user will vote for 1 option to win the particular category) then the show will take place Dates for Steps Step 1- December 13th- December 28th Step 2- January 4th- January 18th Step 3- January 21st- February 7th Awards Show- February 9th The following are the categories for the 2nd Annual COP Grammy Awards For the first step you have to PM you all of your submissions in an orderly fashion, please let it be easy to understand and title your pm so I can easily find it. The eligibility period for the COP 2nd Annual Grammy Awards is October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018 Pick wisely and may the best talent win! Please meet the deadline, you guys have a lot of time to do this.
  4. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1kO7F3lZkfZ Lol
  5. You may see a further glimpse into who I am in my Poetry corner. First of all It's fucking 2:42 am, and what am I doing up this late? I'm up writing motherfucking poetry. What on God's green earth is wrong with me? Nothing nothing at all I'm blessed. Here is my most recent poem that I wrote. Dancing with Misery- A Poem By the King of Crescent. With each day that passes in my life without a lover, Misery who I do my best to fight, just grins at me, tightening its smother. She dances with me on the daily, and won't stop, not even when I tell her to fuck off. If being single is so great than why Why the fuck am I not happy? Is it because I need pussy? Of course I do. Most people need intimacy, and desire grinding their loins with another person. However, what I need is love, but yes I need that too. I am a sappy romantic guy. Who could woo you with a poem from my brilliant inquisitive mind. I mean isn't that what a lot of girls like? But I don't want any, unless I love you. My first time has to be special, and there's nothing special about giving my v card to some bitch I barely know. Though I must admit sometimes I really really want to. The question that runs through my head each and everyday is this. How will I know when I meet you, the one? Or if you even exist? I won't. I'm a vile pathetic wretch, who hasn't even had his first kiss. This is what my darkest and most negative thoughts in my head tell me at least. They say I'll know when I do But I really doubt that's true That's like a joke. Life isn't a fucking tv show. Although it does have its cliffhangers. So that is my biggest fear, that you my darling don't exist. That I will die alone and never have a first kiss. But I can't let my fears eclipse my chances at happiness, no I won't. Just kidding about Janet Jackson @MSL game has impact.
  6. OMG she's almost unrecognisable, what a skinny legend
  7. Throwback to one of the best songs on Demi. She only performed this song like once wtf.
  8. I don't think is my best cover but whatever it was only a matter of time till I sung the song that inspired my name on COP. https://vocaroo.com/i/s19uJHCeW4H2
  9. Rekindled my relationship with this series recently and thought for the few of you who havent seen it may want to and then discuss it (or the people who have already watched it, they can discuss it too)
  10. 1. Cry Baby - 15 2. Dollhouse - 15 3. Sippy Cup - 15 4. Carousel - 15 5. Alphabet Boy - 15 6. Soap - 15 7. Training Wheels - 15 8. Pity Party - 15 9. Tag, You're It - 15 10. Milk and Cookies - 16 11. Pacify Her - 14 12. Mrs. Potato Head - 15 13. Mad Hatter - 15 14. Play Date - 15 15. Teddy Bear - 15 16. Cake - 15
  11. this is so funny do you know another album cover that has been consored?
  12. Only performed live but it may still be coming OMGGG https://picosong.com/wVKCV/ Taken from a live radio set a few days ago
  13. These are just a few examples. What was your favorite performance?
  14. mariah flawless xtina shooked adele shooked
  15. Hello all and welcome to the second edition of the COPVISION SONG CONTEST! This event is inspired on the real-life Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place once a year around May, where the different european (and other) countries battle it out onstage each presenting a national act with an original song. At the end of the night, the act with the best performance/song is chosen as the winner of the contest. So how will this event be adapted to COP, you might ask? Here's all the info you need to know, please read it carefully before you sign up! HOW TO SIGN UP -- You will sign up to represent a country. It can be your home country or a different one. First person to sign up with a specific country will get the representation of it, and no other player will be able to sign up under that country unless the representative of it decides to step down before the game actually starts. THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO POST TO SIGN UP, THE NAME OF THE COUNTRY YOU WANT TO REPRESENT. -- Along with the country you choose, you have to sign up with an act (solo artist or group) that is from the country you chose to represent. It is obviously not allowed to represent a country and choose an artist from a different one. It's also important that you choose a small artist. They can't have had major hits or success, or else it would be unfair for other players. Once you sign up, send me your artist via PM, and I will give you confirmation if your artist can or can not compete. DO NOT POST YOUR ARTIST IN THIS THREAD. -- Obviously, you'll be asked to submit one song from that artist, which again, can't have been a hit. Submissions will be made to me via PM (preferably the same one players sent their artists in). DO NOT POST YOUR SONG CHOICE IN THIS THREAD. RATING STAGE -- Once all entries are submitted, I will post them all for players. Your job is to rank your top 10 songs, awarding points of 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 . Rates must be sent to me via PM before the deadline I will also be posting. Players are not supposed to rate their own song. THE RESULTS -- Once I have all the overall scores, a big finale will be held where I will be revealing the results in the form of a megarate! All players and non-players are welcome to take part in it. I will start revealing from the bottom and work my way up until the big winner is revealed! If you have any other question, don't be scared to ask! You can start signing up now in this thread. Credits to: @Trainwreck Players and their country:
  16. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1NU8ymRNICA My full cover of this song and Back To December are coming soon.
  17. This song and her was so undrrated the best ex-act...you all stan Ashley but I will always be a Vanessa fan
  18. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1P33w9XkeZ1 I'm doing a full cover eventually.
  19. Arguably the best song on Younger Now Besides Malibu. This could have been a moderately successful single, had she not ended the era with two singles after it flopped.
  20. This poem is dedicated to one of our floppy competitors. We're cruising down a road called greatness. Some people can't relate cause they taking one called fakeness. Do you but stay in your lane bitch. Stay in that server talking shit. So now there are two sides, sometimes our paths converge, and we collide. We could have reconciled, we coulda made amends, left the drama behind. But clearly some people live for that shit and instead would rather fucking lie. And no we don't have to fight, This is all we got it's our only life, We coulda made amends, cause no no one ever wants to lose friends, But nah ya'll want to compete I see. we tried and ya'll denied, this is why why can't have nice things at least not in this life. So much for that the drama free community, Talk is fucking cheap. You can have it your way. Yeah I'm nice but make no mistake. If You wanna fight, then I will too, you wanna play than come on I'll be waiting for you. I can be a shady bitch just like you, I can be cruel cut you with my words, Your words are dull like a blunt knife. Mine are like a sharp dagger that cuts deep, burns your skin like dry ice, immediate impact. I love you but you want an all out war. But if you think that you'll ever get me to join North Korea then maybe you are a fool. Just don't be surprised when you wake up in the burn ward. I was never joking when I said Lord Save my drug is COP I'll be using for the rest of my life.
  21. It was a long time coming but I finally covered a Demi song.
  22. Welcome to the Carnival of Chaos. I am your Ringleader, yes, I am your Ringleader... you not a believer... Anyway, we are all trapped in this crazy circus of nightmares together. Right now, everybody is settling into their caravans and rehearsing for the grand opening tomorrow morning. But an unsettling air creeps throughout the circus tent. As of now, just get yourself immersed into this new, mystical land. Maybe find a few friends you think may be of some use to you. Gameplay reminders: -No screenshotting/sharing private messages from me or anybody else. -All private messages between players must include me. -Just because you died doesn't mean you should quit interacting with the thread. Ghosts are allowed to talk as this is a creepy haunted circus, and there are ankhs, which can be used to revive players from the dead. So if you die, haunt somebody you think carries an ankh, and convince them to revive you. -Also, just because you may have lost your mission doesn't mean quit, as some missions may be changed through another role's powers. -Don't trust anybody. You should make alliances of course, but backstabbing can often be a strategic move. -Please be actively checking your DMs and this thread/staying active/voting when needed/etc. Items: Beasts: Living Players: @Heartsigh, @Oh My Gaga, @kipperskipper, @Breakdown, @One Of The Boys, @Dirkje, @Black Beauty ?, @God, @Avril Lavigne, @Roobz, @MISS CAMARADERIE, @Elusive Loverboy, @aahfeekiee, @Ahmed, @neonnights, @junguwu, @Treacherous Lovatic, @ACT2 Dead Players: @MSL - Siamese Twin @???????? - Acrobat @barbiej33p - Bearded Lady @bleachnetwork - Ventriloquist @hammer
  23. I love this song so fucking much it's my favorite on Confident. I wish it had been a single.